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  1. camping hoosiers

    Grilled Buffalo Style Wings

    I've been wanting to grill some hot wings for a while now but the price of wings around here has been crazy high. I finally bit the bullet and paid about two fifty a pound for some whole wings. I cut them up and grilled only the pegs and wingettes. The tips will be used for making some chicken...
  2. camping hoosiers

    Spares n Loin on the Weber / Smokenator

    The more I use the Smokenator with the Weber the more I like it... I did these ribs and the loin on Mothers Day weekend and they turned out great... The Smokenator is just very easy to use and this smoke ran about six hours... everyone seemed to enjoy them... 
  3. camping hoosiers

    Chicken Halves on the Weber...

    Did I ever tell you folks how much I love my Weber Kettle? I do... I really do... lol. Thought that I would do some chicken halves while we were camping this past weekend... Started them out with the Smokenator installed... about half way though I pulled it out and went indirect to increase the...
  4. camping hoosiers

    Ribs n Loin on the Weber w/ Smokenator

    I love Weber kettle grills... so when I saw the Smokenator I new I just had to have one. I finally picked one up this summer and got to use it this fall. I like the thing... it won't ever replace my larger smokers however it is a very capable tool. Now to be honest, I've smoked on the Weber for...
  5. camping hoosiers

    Rib eye

    I don't know how good a deal this is since I usually don't buy them... but at this price I couldn't just leave it there! lol 
  6. camping hoosiers

    Derby Thunder Smoke

    Every year we spend the weekend by the Ohio River near Louisville to watch the air show and the thunder over louisville fireworks show. The past few years my family has come to expect some kind of smoker magic to be performed as well. This year I smoked up some ribs, beans and chix wings for the...
  7. camping hoosiers

    Dusted off my Weber Kettle Grill for father's day weekend w pics

    As I planned for our fathers day weekend camping trip I realized that I had been neglecting my Weber Kettle Grill and probably hadnt used it for about a year. I have been using my smoker all I can and then my Weber Genisis Gas Grill when in a hurry. So I packed the kettle grill and let...
  8. camping hoosiers

    Wagner 8 Cast Iron Waffle Maker - Well... ok it's not really a Dutch Oven... :)

    But I thought some of you might like to see it even though its not a DO. One day while whipping up some DO Pizza for the kids we were talking about other kinds of cast iron cookware than the DO. They are used to seeing me use cast iron skillets anytime that I'm cooking...  and I have several...
  9. camping hoosiers

    My Memorial Day Butt w/ QView

    I just posted some Brisket pics over on the beef side and wanted to post the pork butts as well. Smoked the Brisket and beans Friday night into Saturday. Started the butts Saturday evening and smoked them into Sunday. Here they are rubbed and going into the GOSM. These were about eight and a...
  10. camping hoosiers

    Memorial Day Brisket w/ Qview

    Hi folks! I took the family camping over Memorial Day Weekend and were going with several other families so I decided to take the smoker along and have some fun. I did a whole packer... was slightly over 12 pounds on Friday evening into Saturday. Then late Saturday I started the briskets but...
  11. camping hoosiers

    Smoked Country Style Ribs w/ Q View!

    Hi Folks! Took my family and some friends to the Thunder Over Louisville festival in Louisville this past weekend. The weather was awful but I promised them that i would smoke something for them so I decided on some country style ribs. I took my GOSM Big Block which I dearly love! :) Here they...
  12. camping hoosiers

    Marks Feed Store - Clarksville IN

    I stopped by Marks Feed Store today for lunch and came away somewhat disappointed. I had a small rib basket of baby backs. No smoke ring... no smoke flavor. They were tender enough but no smoke. They had an ok sauce on them but without the smoke, whats the point? My first clue was walking into...
  13. camping hoosiers

    Anyone going to Madison IN this weekend?

    I hear this is a good festival, we might go up for the day on Saturday. http://www.madisonribberfest.com/
  14. camping hoosiers

    Converting wood/coal smoker to gas

    Everyone once in a while I see a deal on a horizontal wood/coal smoker. It appears relatively inexpensive to upgrade to gas. For those of you that have converted a horizontal smoker... what are your thoughts on it? Does it perform as you would like? Thanx! Jeff
  15. camping hoosiers

    Time for an upgrade!

    Hi folks! I have been smoking for a year or so now and have learned a lot from the folks on this forum. I have the small GOSM and it has worked well for me. I do feel a little cramped though when wanting to cook for a crowd or even do multiple dishes. I live near Louisville KY and have been...
  16. camping hoosiers

    How to? 2" Thick Pork Chops?

    There is a place we go on occasion over in western Kentucky called Patti's 1800's Settlement. The specialty of the house is their 2" pork chop. It is wonderful. Perfectly done moist and tender throughout. Its not smoked though. I'm trying to figure out how to cook something like this. I was...
  17. camping hoosiers

    My first smoke... spare ribs

    I am three hours into my first smoke on my new GOSM. I really don't have a clue about what I'm doing, but I'm having fun! This looks and smells so good, I don't if I can keep the family off long enough to finish! I'm trying to post a pic... I need to read a little more on how to do that. Jeff
  18. camping hoosiers

    Greenhorn in Southern Indiana

    Hi folks! I am a grillaholic and recently started yearning to learn to smoke. I found this website and decided to jump in. I bought a GOSM this morning at Walmart and will set it up this evening and go through the seasoning process. My wife is already out picking out some ribs however I can't...
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