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  1. hotpit

    Cook chamber gasket using caulking

    I'm on a Facebook page called fans of jambo pits and they are very secretive of many ideas. They have mentioned the use of Hugh temp caulking to make gaskets for cook chamber. Does anyone here have experience with this????
  2. hotpit

    trip to Kansas City

    we are taking a weekend trip to KC and would like to go to the best bbq place in KC, also would like to go to any  bbq event that maybe going on, so with that I have a couple questions, 1, where is best bbq joint in Kansas City (or atleast your favorite)???? 2,  Is there any bbq events...
  3. hotpit

    tri-tip in the weber 22.5

    so last night i cooked a tri-tip for the first time, and WOW!!! Here was my first method: set up weber for indirect cooking with kingsford briquetts, then added a few large chunks of mesquite, cooked for about 45 min or until 140* internal temp, let rest for 15-20 mins and slice across the...
  4. hotpit

    Weber kettle work table

    Who has made a custom work table for a weber kettle ??? I've seen lots of ideas for green egg, but I want to build one for a weberR
  5. hotpit

    Catering portions. How to figure per person.

    Need some help with portions I cooked ribs for a party yesterday. Don't know exact count of people. I cooked 8 slabs and 15 pounds of chicken legs. I have 3.5 slabs left. How do the catering company's figure portions???
  6. hotpit

    insulating the fire box

    who on here has had experience with cooking with side burner with a insulated fire box and what are the biggest advantages/disadvantages????   I'm about to put all of my RF cooker together and am considering to take the time to insulate the fire box.....my "idea" is that 1)  the paint on fire...
  7. hotpit

    chicken fajitas

    got the mexican wok out and cook some fajitas last night, and they were darn tastey!!!!
  8. hotpit

    brisket no-fail

    ive cooked several briskets, (none recently)   but would like to hear from some one with a fail safe time/temp to get tender brisket?  I can rub it down and sauce it up to make it taste good, just need fail safe way to cook it???   but good general ideas on seasoning would be great too!! my...
  9. hotpit

    smokey joe silver vs gold

    Has anyone cooked on both the silver and the gold?   I searched for a comparison, but found nothing,  Im gonna get me new patio grill and am thinking that the smokey joe would be sufficiant, I will have to order the gold as local stores only seem to stock the silver, but may step up to 18.5gold...
  10. hotpit

    took up smokin fatties!!!!!

    here are some pics of my first fatty!!!!!!!!! Wife and daughter outta town, so good time to try one, loaded with sauted jal peppers, onion and mushrooms.........not my best but now i know that they need seasoning and maybe susage rather than ultra lean ground beeef, still very good bachelor...
  11. hotpit

    makin some of my own peppers for my own rub

    here is a pic of jal peppers drying to be used as the heat of my rub these will be dried and powdered in blender to make jalepeno chili powder
  12. hotpit

    butterfly chicken

    This is for all the texas style qers.........what is the best way to cook a half chicken? grill or smoke on pit????
  13. hotpit

    peach cobbler

    This is a really simple recipe to a 4 ingrediant peach cobbler, any one who has eatin one that ive made LOVES IT!! 1 LARGE CAN OF PEACHES 1 BOX OF YELLOW CAKE MIX CINNOMIN POWDER BUTTER butter up oven, dump peaches in bottom, dump cake mix on top of that, sprikle with cinnamin powder and...
  14. hotpit

    burnt ends

    can someone point me in the right direction for a good way to make burnt ends?  i would love to try this!!!
  15. hotpit

    smoked/grilled steaks

    here is a pic of some cheap steaks that were yellow tagged at wal-mart, they were seasoned with brisket rub and glazed with brown sugar. a recipe common to west texas, so obviulsy cooked with in-direct mesquite fire
  16. hotpit

    chicken cup cakes

    Tonight, I tried a myron mixon recipe on some thighs, and man are they good!!!!!!!!, Its just a rub-seasond and trimmed thigh put skin down in a muffin tin with 1/8" hole in each cup and smoked for 1:45, flipped and cooked for another 45, sauced and cure out sauce for anther 30(sauce optinal)  ...
  17. hotpit

    trash can smoker

    so who on here has made or used a trashcan smoker???  i watched a youtube video of myron mixon on the craig ferguson show and he was cooking in a trash can cooker and i would like to have one to take in my motor home????
  18. hotpit

    pros and cons of reverse flow

    I have heard many many pros from so many pit builders on reverse flow design, but yet Jambo pits win so many awards on the circuit and they are not reverse flow....  I thought I knew excactly what I was gonna do, until I watched johnny trigg use his jambo pit and it was a conventional flow pit. ...
  19. hotpit

    my pit trailer build

    this has been a slow-moving project since the heatwave has settled in, but will get back on it this winter.  I'm still using my first pit that i built several yrs back, so no real hurry on the cook trailer
  20. hotpit

    hey yall!!

    Hey Yall,    My name is Billy Croan, I'm currently living in Edmond/Guthrie area of Oklahoma. I work as cabinet maker and trim carpenter.  My hobbys consist of cooking bbq, fourwheelin, spending time with family.  I also like to fabricate off-road stuff, and bbq pits.  I built my current pit...
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