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  1. txsmoker76

    500 gallon offset fire box measurement help

    Hello there! So I am attempting to build an offset out of a 500 gallon horizontal tank. I have a question regarding the fb. Right now I have a measurement of 36LX24Hx24w. Will this be sufficient or should I go larger? I was going to use half of a 250 gallon horizontal tank, but those plans fell...
  2. txsmoker76

    Briskets coming out tough

    Good day. Has anyone had issues with their cc not cooking properly after a top rack was installed? For some reason the point of my flat always dries out and about a quarter of the way in the brisket is cooked like it's supposed to be. I'm puzzled!
  3. txsmoker76

    Tel-Tru analog not reading the same as digital ones

    Hey there! Has anyone had an issue where their tel-tru analog read anywhere from 50°-100° lower than a digital thermo at the same grate level? I have 2 digital ones (maverick 733) and did the boil test with them and the tel-tru. They all read 215 on the money. What would be causing the analog...
  4. txsmoker76


    Hi all, I'm having issues woth heat in the cook chamber. The middle of the cooking chamber reads 250 on a tel-tru guage, but on the side closer to the fb it reads 300. Should there really be a 75° temperature difference? There's a baffle plate installed right above the fb. Should I angle it...
  5. txsmoker76

    New Smoker Build FB placement issue?

    Hello all, I'm finally getting everything together on the 120 gallon smoker. I followed all the measurements in the pit calculator for the size I was building. But for some reason it looks like the fb is too low on the fb. I attached a pic of it so far. Will this work with the fb this low even...
  6. txsmoker76

    How much brisket for 400 people

    Hello all! So I was asked if I could make brisket for 400 people and I'm trying to get an idea if I am even able to do that. I recently finished my 120 gallon horizontal and not sure if I can fit that much brisket on there for that many people. But if I can do it on that size smoker, how much...
  7. txsmoker76

    Correct size for FB and CC opening (120 gallon tank)

    Hello all. I am building a horizontal reverse smoker out of a 120 gallon tank. I have cut the door and installed hinges. Working on racks right now, but I'm a little stumped. My FB will be 24x24x24. What would be the correct size opening for both the FB and CC?
  8. txsmoker76

    Intro and first tank build info

    Hello all. New to this forum, but have been reading posts from here for quite a while and getting some pretty awesome ideas. I've been using a store bought OJ smoker for years and finally decided to build my own. Everything is going smoothly except one hiccup. Not sure what size and shape...
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