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  1. rhinodbj

    AMNPS Goes Out with Mailbox Mod

    Thanks folks for the insights ... I'm working on the modifications.  We'll let you know what happens! Rhino
  2. rhinodbj

    AMNPS Goes Out with Mailbox Mod

    I've had my AMNPS for a year and a half ... love it ... most of the time ... but lately it seems like the AMNPS goes out more often than not in my mailbox mod. I'm using Todd's pellets (Pitmaster's Choice), microwave 'em 'til they're really hot ... light 'em with a torch, let 'em burn for 10-15...
  3. AMNPS Goes Out with Mailbox Mod

    AMNPS Goes Out with Mailbox Mod

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  7. rhinodbj

    One more "Mail Box Mod" for the AMNPS and the MES30 ...NEW PICTURES FOR ATTACHING ELBOW TO MAILBOX

    OK guys! ... and Todd J ... I hope you can chime in on this one! I was totally jazzed to receive my Christmas presents of:  an AMNPS and an aluminum mailbox!!  Wow! So, I assembled all the necessary parts, modified my electric smoker (Todd J says it's similar to an MES analog) ... and set-er...
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  13. rhinodbj

    One more "Mail Box Mod" for the AMNPS and the MES30 ...NEW PICTURES FOR ATTACHING ELBOW TO MAILBOX

    OK ... shoulda looked closer at Dave O's reply ... looks like a rear exit is the way to go!
  14. rhinodbj

    One more "Mail Box Mod" for the AMNPS and the MES30 ...NEW PICTURES FOR ATTACHING ELBOW TO MAILBOX

    Hey All! I've been looking at all the amazing mailbox mods out there and am ready to do one on my MES so I can use my new AMNPS to produce that beautifu TBS! The question I have is ... I see some are attaching the 3" aluminum elbow to the top and some on the back ... (like Dave Omak) ... and...
  15. rhinodbj

    First Smoke Wish Me Luck!

    Hey Fd1007! How 'bout some pics of that first smoke!!??  Sounds like your gobbler legs turned out well.  How did you prepare them?  Brine? ... Inject? ... wrapped?  rubbed? Keep the smoke curlin'! The Wisconsin White Rhino!
  16. rhinodbj

    New To Smoking

    Hey SCREDX3! Wow ... are you doin anything else besides smokin? ... I know what you mean about the hobby, though! ... I was wondering what your chicken breast recipe was? ... I was looking at doing some over Christmas/New Years ... but didn't get that far.  Did a bunch of other stuff, tho...
  17. rhinodbj

    JayBone's 18.5" WSM Kenai River Silver Salmon Smokefest

    Wow JayBone!  Looks awesome!  And I love it that you knew your fish when it was still swimmin! I've been looking for a simple brine for my salmon ... and yours looks great!  I've been doing a pretty elaborate brine with a whole bunch of citrus and spices and white wine ... and the salmon turns...
  18. rhinodbj

    Holiday Successes with "Q-Views"

    Thanks MossyMO! ... Things went well ... and with your reply, I checked out the OwensBBQ and the TatonkaDust info ... looks intriguing to say the least ... especially the chipotle snack stick seasoning ... I'll probably be making an order soon! WI White Rhino
  19. rhinodbj

    Comment by 'rhinodbj' in media '2012-06-27_16-55-03_142.jpg'

    We're smokin' in below zero in Wisconsin!!!
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