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  1. domerskee

    3 birds and a great day

    Too busy to check in yesterday. I did three 15 lb birds for our family gathering. 2 in buttermilk brine with compound butter under the skin. The other in an apple spice brine. Spatchcoked them. All went well. Hope everyone else had or has a great cook of you own.
  2. domerskee

    First smoke in a while

    Work and life have been busy, but I get to roll smoke on 75 lbs. of pulled pork for a community picnic tomorrow. Hope everyone has a great weekend! :grilling_smilie:
  3. domerskee

    Smoker Sale

    Anybody looking to add to the family .... tis' the season  https://slickdeals.net/f/10408360-smoker-clearance-at-walmart-megathread-ymmv  
  4. domerskee

    Carnivores GameDay

    Smoke rollin.... blessings to all of you and yours
  5. domerskee

    Halfway pic

    Wanted to be sure to throw a pic up and wish everyone a blessed Thanksgiving. Not sure I'll have time later. I'll add some mac and cheese in a bit. Hope everyone is having a great day.
  6. domerskee

    Off and smoking and a story

    Thought I would share my current situation and a story to see if anyone else has encountered it. I've started with whats below and will be adding some ribs, ABTs, and stuffed mushrooms later in the day. When I went to fire up this morning I couldn't get my Camp CHef Vault to light. Plenty of...
  7. domerskee

    Saturday projects

    With spring finally arriving I'm working on this while I do some other things around the house today. Cooking 2 10lb butts, twice smoked taters, and a double batch of wicked beans for a college group tommorrow. For us tonight I have a 4 lb corned beef brisket. Hope everyone is having a smokin'...
  8. domerskee

    Twice smoked taters question.

    I'm doing a cook for 15-20 folks next weekend, the meal is Sunday lunch.  I'm planning twice smoke potatoes as one side.  I was wondering if anyone had tried cooking the potatoes the day before, then finishing them day of.  I'm looking at some things to save some time day of and wondered if...
  9. domerskee

    Merry Christmas morning to all!

    Just popped our prime rib in the meat machine. Enjoying a cup of coffee and wanted to wish everyone here a happy blessed day with their clans. :newyear:
  10. domerskee

    Happy Thanksgiving !

    I wanted to stop in and say hi to all and thanks for all the help, guidance, and inspiration this site has given me. I count my fairly new found love of smoking one of my many blessings. I've got two birds in right now. It's snowing but that just adds to the holiday feel in my book. I'll try...
  11. domerskee

    Today's smoke with Qview

    All in all a good smoke. 2 yardbirds on Pepsi cans, some pork steak, and my first run at twice smoked potatoes and smoked stuffed peppers. I used the Rotel tomatoes with chilies in my stuffing mix. Might be a tad spicy for some but I liked it. Sorry the lighting for the pics is a bit off.
  12. domerskee

    Butts and rib tips Qview

    Getting close ...:yahoo:
  13. domerskee

    Boxed Rib Tips

    So I am working on my weekend menu plans and just realized I have a box of rib tips. These are the ones that have already been cut down into small pieces. Before I had my smoker we would bake them until almost done and then finish them with a char on the grill and hit them with some BBQ sauce...
  14. domerskee

    Vault Mods

    I've been poking around the forums but thought I'd also just throw it out there.  Those of you with the 24" Vault; what are the best mods or tricks you have done to improve the food and or smoking experience?  I've run mine twice with pretty good results.  I get some smoke around the door and...
  15. domerskee

    Qview of my 2nd smoke

    I did some ribs yesterday and didn't take any pics. I feel they were pretty good as all 3. Racks were gone. My afternoon opened up today s I decided to try some chicken, I did 2 whole birds on Dr. Pepper cans with just a simple rub. Also did a batch of wings with a different rub, Turned out...
  16. domerskee


    Just put my first smoker together. A Camp Chef vault. Sitting on the deck watching it roll smoke in the seasoning process. Can't wait to get some meat inside in the next couple days. Glad to have found this site as well.
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