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  1. kargov

    Smoking with Pea Gravel as the heat sink – Toxins?

    Hey all, Trying a smoke this weekend in my WSM with pea gravel instead of water. Curious if I can go ahead and buy any brand, or do I need to be worried about toxins of some sort? I'm looking at KING PEA GRAVEL specifically. Cheers.
  2. kargov

    When to sauce ribs? (When the typical cook-time isn't enough.)

    Hey all, I'm smoking baby-backs for the first time this Saturday. In the past, I've had trouble when smoking spares because I tend to put the sauce on at the wrong time. For example, if I'm doing 3-2-1, I'll put on sauce in the last 45m - 1hr. However, the times I've done this, the ribs just...
  3. kargov

    First-time ribs: horrible, why? Main issue: no bark.

    Hey all, On Saturday I tried smoking ribs for the first time. They turned out horribly, and have turned off my family from smoked meat. I'd like to learn why this was, so I can correct these issues moving forward. My process: - After I was turned down by six butchers (tough to find spares in...
  4. kargov

    Competition-style Spare Ribs Recipe / Method?

    Hey all, Tried the search but had no luck. I'm smoking spare ribs for the first time this weekend and would like to produce competition-style ribs that require a little work to tug off the bone. I'd of course still like them to be plenty moist, but would like to avoid the 3-2-1 method as I do...
  5. kargov

    First pork butt, w/ Q-View. Successfully smoked on WSM.

    - Jeff's rub, Jeff's sauce, SoFlaQuer's finishing sauce.   - 6.8lb butt. Yellow mustard + rub. Let sit in fridge overnight.    - Began at 7:30am using Minion Method. Near-full ring of charcoal (not overflowing), 1/4th or less chimney full of lit charcoal dumped over. - Brand new WSM that...
  6. kargov

    How to increase WSM heat? All vents open.

    On my first long cook (pork butt) and the temp is at 221 with all vents open. Been cooking 5 hours now. I'd like to get it hotter in case of another dip, and also because the meat's taking a while in the mid to high 140s. Do I add in a bit more unlit charcoal through the door? A chunk of...
  7. kargov

    Ordered a box of mixed wood chunks. Unlabeled, how to identify?

    Hey all, Ordered two boxes of smoking wood chunks from Smokinlicious. One box is wild cherry, and the other box is split into three compartments, consisting of: hickory, sugar maple, and red oak. Unfortunately, this split box is not labelled in any way. How do I identify which wood is which...
  8. kargov

    Newbie smoker – where to start?

    Hey all, Thanks for this amazing resource of information. I'm a 23yo Graphic Designer & Powerlifter with a never-ending appetite, disappointed by Toronto's "BBQ" offerings. Just purchased a Weber Smokey Mountain 18.5, chimney smarter and Jeff Phillip's Smoking Meat book—all of which will...
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