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  1. teddymadison

    Double Header Ribs - Now with Qview

    I'm at work so pics will have to come later when I get home. Ok, so I posted last Friday about my dilema of two groups coming the same day and got some good advice. In my classic fashion, I went my own way lol. I decided to go ahead and cook the second batch as the first party was going, the...
  2. teddymadison

    Timing Dilemma

    Ok, so I was just informed that I am cooking for two parties Saturday, not one. One group will be here at 1:00 and the other at 6:00 and both want ribs. (That's what I get for facebooking my past endeavors) So here's the question, is there a way I can do a partial smoke for the second group so...
  3. teddymadison

    2nd Smoke, First Time Ribs Q-view

    Ok, here we go again. :) I got a bit lazy with the pics this time but the basic setup is the Weber Performer 22.5" kettle, Stubbs charcoal using the minion method. Used 3-2-1 (actually 3-2-.5, they finished early) This time I did three rows of coals in a semi circle goung around half of the...
  4. teddymadison

    Smoked Chicken Legs - Qview

    Ok, this is my first Qview. Heck, it's my first smoke for that matter. I used hickory chips in a foil pouch. Learned a lesson on that one lol. You need to seal the pouch and then put two or three small holes in it. I just had the top open like a slot and it was way too smokey. :) The coals are...
  5. teddymadison

    Learning the Weber 22.5" Kettle - Results

    So I was able to play a bit on Sunday with the Weber 22.5 and as expected, got unexpected results. :) Note that all of these runs were meatless using Stubbs charcoal. First thing I tried was a full load of coal in one of the holders, probably 20 or so brickettes. This went over 300 F even with...
  6. teddymadison

    Northern Newbie

    Hi all, New here and new to smoking! I did slow cook ribs twice last year on the propane grill and they were fantastic. temp control by wedging tongs in the lid was fun. This was without smoke so I am really looking forward to doing the smoke thing. I got a used Weber Performer for 100 bucks...
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