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  1. dgilley

    What's your occupation?

    Until recently I worked in Charleston SC in the defense (Military Armored Vehicle OEM) industry as a data export control administrator. Recent defunding of our military, and military support industry, have resulted in the loss of thousand of U.S. jobs.  I have recently moved to Richmond VA where...
  2. dgilley

    July Throwdown Voting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    An outstanding job by all.  I am having a real difficult time voting - they are all winners.
  3. dgilley

    Making the rub stick to a pork shoulder

     I've tried mustard, olive oil, and various other concoctions including nothing at all.  Other than appearance I can’t say I have ever been able to tell the difference, but I generally stick (pun intended) with one rub.  Other rubs may interact with some glue differently, and on different types...
  4. dgilley

    Boneless Turkey Breast

    I like the idea of white wine and garlic / butter for injection. What temp did you smoke it at?
  5. dgilley

    Grilled Corn on the Cob (CoC) Dave's Style

    It does, but that is the sight of tasty goodness of Jack Daniel's Original No. 7 Recipe BBQ sauce. The Sauce thins as it heats up which is another good reason not to leave it on the grill too long.
  6. Grilled Corn on the Cob (CoC) Dave's Style

    Grilled Corn on the Cob (CoC) Dave's Style

  7. dgilley

    Grilled Corn on the Cob (CoC) Dave's Style

    Here is a fantastic way to grill corn even if you really don't like grilled corn. Ingredients: Sweet corn on the cob - leave husks on. Cold water. Your favorite BBQ sauce Grill Submerge the corn in cold water for 15 to 20 min. - Leave the husks on, don't even curl a part of the husk back -...
  8. Corn.JPG


  9. dgilley

    Grilled Corn

    OK y'all.  I'm going to post my recipe for grilled corn that is much easier than y'alls and will taste so guuuuuut yer socks will roll up-n-down like window shades.  Watch for my post.
  10. dgilley

    Pickled Eggs / Califlower

    Smoked eggs?  That's a new one for me and it sounds good. Thanks homebrew for the recipe and the pics.  Nice work.
  11. dgilley

    "Bible School Eggs"

    This sounds great and I love the peppers.  I do have a question, what it the best way to combine the ingrediants? Is it best to chunk them up on relativley large chucks, or finely chopped?  I'm asking because the pic didn't come through on my computer and I want to give this a try. Thanks
  12. dgilley

    Home Spun Herbs n Spices

    On occasion I like to visit the local meat market just to brows around and get ideas. A couple months ago I saw a spice mix that was black pepper and garlic. I love pepper and garlic and use both on almost everything I cook, but I never thought of combining the two and use as a single...
  13. dgilley

    All Kettle Hot Wings w/ Q-Views

    What time is dinner?  They look awesome.
  14. dgilley

    Italian Fatties

    OMG They look fantastic.  Thanks for the pics.  Nice work.
  15. dgilley

    FINALLY got to do my first smoke. Qview.

    Well done.  I love the mixted veggies.
  16. dgilley

    April Throwdown Voting.

    I am totally blown away by the recipies and presentations. I my humble opinon, every entry is a winner. Very impressive and very difficult to vote.
  17. dgilley

    Fresh garlic pate!!!!

    They look wondeful.  Can almost smell them.  I've done similar with onions and added garlic powder and cooked in foil over the grill. I have to give this one a try.  Thank you.
  18. dgilley

    My first fatty

    Very well done.  I really like the stufifngs and have to try that for my first fatty.
  19. dgilley

    The Smoke Ring Fatty

    A very nice twist on what appears to be the common "loaf" style presentation.  Good thinking.  I hope it tasted half as good as it looked.
  20. dgilley

    Rollin A Fatty: My Version

    Thank you for the pics as well as the great instructions.  Having never done (nor seen) a fatty creation before I was wondering how best to roll it and keep it rolled. Thanks to your instructions the job will be easier and much more enjoyable I'm sure.  Maybe even taste good to boot.
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