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  1. rancid crabtree

    First hot smoke in the new smoker

    Finally did a hot smoke in the new smoker. My oldest was home from college and wanted ribs. I used the 3-2-1 method. 3 hours over hickory smoke between 230 and 250F with Famous Dave’s rib rub. 2 hours wrapped in foil with apple juice at the same temp and then 1 hour smoked unwrapped with some...
  2. rancid crabtree

    Why the wait?

    Aside from making the cheese taste better, what is actually taking place with the waiting time on smoked cheese? I smoked my first cheese last night Cheddar Swiss Pepper Jack Moz. sticks Curds I couldnt help myself and sampled a curd. It was like licking an ash tray. I understand that all...
  3. rancid crabtree

    First smoker build from the ground up

    My last homemade smoker lasted 15 years. It was a converted chest freezer I tipped on its side and it worked great for hot smoking but eventually rusted through. Being that I like to build things, I began building a new smoker from scratch. My smoker will sit outside year round so it has to...
  4. rancid crabtree

    What are you saying?

    Is there a list of acronyms for us newbie's? (I just learned what a UDS is) I see quite a few used here that I don't understand. Also what is a Q-view? I haven't been a round long enough to learn the local dialect. I enjoy the site but struggle learning the language.
  5. rancid crabtree

    Newbie question

    Being new, I dont know all the acronyms used here. What does UDS stand for?
  6. rancid crabtree

    Sayin hello from WI

    I've been reading the wealth of knowledge here for a while and finally joined. My name is Rona and I live in Wisconsin. I have been smoking meat and making sausage for about 15 years. I do a lot of custom butchering and sausage making for family and friends. I make jerky, summer, brats, Hot...
  7. rancid crabtree

    New member from WI

    Hello all . Have been reading and enjoying the wealth of knowledge so I thought I'd join. I'm in the process of building an electric smoker and am really enjoying all the info provided here.
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