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  1. ncsmoker95

    Question about electric element sizing for internal capacity of offset smoker.....

    Hi all, This may not be the right place for this thread so if The Mods want to move it to some sort of build forum that might be appropriate. On my phone I didn't see such a subforum so I figured I'd start off here. So having decided I'm not enough of a boy scout to keep a very steady fire...
  2. ncsmoker95

    WTB - Wi-Fi smoker thermometer (non-bluetooth)

    Thanks for the replies everyone.... For now I picked up a Maverick at home depot. I can receive the data on that at a better range, And can receive it with a software defined receiver as well.
  3. ncsmoker95

    WTB - Wi-Fi smoker thermometer (non-bluetooth)

    Hi all.... I'm looking around to see who knows of a Wi-Fi barbecue thermometer. My trusty old ink bird four probe Bluetooth one is starting to become flaky. I find that I don't like Bluetooth because I live in a house with thick rock walls on the 1st floor and all I have to do is get one of...
  4. ncsmoker95

    WTB - MES30 racks or compatible

    Hi everyone - I have been given a secondhand MES 30, the older analog type. It only has one cooking rack in it. I would like to get the other three, but the only online sources I see are for pairs of racks, and I don't really need five racks after I order two pairs to get three.... I'm also...
  5. ncsmoker95

    MES30 - question about electric element

    Meh... It's just that I'm a longtime electronics/electrical tech. That _really_ should have occurred to me.... it's not like I haven't known insulators from conductors for years... I was actually overthinking it, imagining that by the point at which the element was touching the metal, the...
  6. ncsmoker95

    How to mailbox-mod a MES30 without the side-load chip feeder port?

    So, after many hours of intermittent pounding on it to clean it, here is the resulting mailbox mod. Freshly painted, rolling stand built, mailbox plumbed in. PID controller still underway -- I'm using an Auber 2342 a friend gave me, with an SSR and heatsink from a PC. Previous owner had...
  7. ncsmoker95

    MES30 - question about electric element

    Err.... DOH! OK thanks -- <whacks forehead a few times> :oops::oops: (if there were an embarassed emoticon on here...) Can we now not discuss the fact that I've been a amateur radio operator for 30+ years, and didn't even THINK about why pots don't short stove elements out! Geez, that was...
  8. ncsmoker95

    MES30 - question about electric element

    Hi all - I've got a MES30 I was given, which I've been rebuilding. It's the older analog 30 One thing I noticed while cleaning it up - It has two permanently installed left-to-right chromed metal bars in the bottom, riveted into the walls off the smoker. The element is mounted from the...
  9. ncsmoker95

    How to mailbox-mod a MES30 without the side-load chip feeder port?

    Thanks Dave! I followed your instructions without having even seen them! I did just that hole in the side of the smoker. I did hit that brace inside the wall, and that got exciting for the 4" hole saw I was using - I didn't have a tight grip on the drill! I was just easing the drill along, and...
  10. ncsmoker95

    How to mailbox-mod a MES30 without the side-load chip feeder port?

    Hi everyone - I'm sure this has been done before- I just got given a completely free MES30, specifically it is the 20070210 version (see pic below) which only has the internal chip tray, not the later version with the tube that slides in from the side, and dumps chips into a covered tray. I've...
  11. ncsmoker95

    Cold Smoker and crockpot for smoking various meats?

    Just curious -- Has anyone ever tried using any type of cold smoke injector in conjunction with a crockpot to smoke any kind of meat? My wife loves to crockpot various pieces of pork, chicken, etc. I'd love to find a way to gently add smoke to some of those, for part of the cooking time...
  12. ncsmoker95

    Ribs on the CharBroil with A-Maze-N-Smoker (with Qview)

    Here is a set of ribs I just finished up -- I spent the entire day up on the roof of the house working on ripping off and replacing the roof around the chimney. Thanks to Todd and the A-Maze-N-Smoker, these didn't require any attention from me at all for the smoking. I get to have perfectly...
  13. Amazen-smoker-in-action.jpg


  14. Memorial-weekend-2014-ribs-charbroil-amazen.jpg


  15. ncsmoker95


    I'd agree with that idea about making sure they're dry. Someone else commented that the cherry pellets are much harder to keep lit, and they mix with other types. I find that the smouldering AMNPS takes a bit more airflow than you'd think, especially if there's any competition for the oxygen...
  16. AMNPS question

    AMNPS question

  17. ncsmoker95

    AMNPS question

    I use an AMNPS with my CharBroil gas grill. I have only had a few minor problems with the AMNPS in terms of keeping it lit. As I mentioned in the other thread about a clone version, I think that's about making the pellets super-dry in an oven if you want to, and providing good airflow. After...
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