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  1. ks1980

    1st time Quarters Help

    So I will be attempting to smoke some chicken quarters this weekend, I just want to make sure I have a good plan in place so any advice would help basically with the smoking process. I plan on smoking around 300 for an hour or so,I know cook to temp not time, but trying to get a rough estimate...
  2. ks1980

    Boston Butt Wrapping Question

    Just a quick question, i was watching bbq pitmasters a few weeks ago and noticed one of the cooks added bbq sauce before wrapping his butt in foil and returning to the smoker. Has anyone tried this? Ive never seen bbq sauce added during the wrapping stage. I was thinking about trying it this...
  3. ks1980


    So I was thinking about making some boneless riblets this weekend. I was just going to use some boneless ribs and then cut them up after smoking. Anyone have any tips from experience?
  4. ks1980

    Quick 3-2-1 question

    Hey Everyone, I am going to be cooking up 4 racks of spare's this weekend. I was going to use the 3-2-1. My question is I am going to be using a rib rack on the smoker to help save space because we also have a couple pork butts going there earlier in the day. When I am going from step 2 to 1...
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