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  1. fishingsetx

    smoke house questions

    Sorry I haven't updated lately. Got the exterior finished and some test runs done! Still need to do some more sealing and get the racks built. I want to be able to runbin the 225-250 range and can get it there but it takes more gas than I'd like. I have been sealing up gaps little by little...
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  8. fishingsetx

    smoke house questions

    With the rain, I'm not going to be able to work on the smokehouse today so instead I decided to work on the smokebox (cast iron dutch oven) lid. I needed some holes to let the smoke out! The plasma made short work of that!
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  10. fishingsetx

    smoke house questions

    Just looked it up! Expanding foam is out! Only good to 240!
  11. fishingsetx

    smoke house questions

    Got a little more done today. Got the roof on and the door frame started: Still have to finish the door, Mount it and trim everything out. I plan to split the fence pickets down the middle leaving me with 2 3/4 x 5/8 cedar trim. One thing I didn't account for is the gaps where the siding...
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  13. fishingsetx

    smoke house questions

    Got the walls done and an extra brace on the roof. Tomorrow will be roofing and maybe starting the trim! Gotta get more wood! My helper wondering when we are going in! "Daddy, its dark! Time to go inside!"
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  15. fishingsetx

    smoke house questions

    Oops! Duplicate!
  16. fishingsetx

    smoke house questions

    Got some more done this eve. I don't have but an hour or maybe a little more in the evenings and a 2.5 year old boy to chase so it'll be a slow build (wife is still at work)! Got the side walls framed and a few siding boards installed got some more cut out but ran out of daylight!
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  18. gas burner in offset smoker.

    gas burner in offset smoker.

  19. fishingsetx

    gas burner in offset smoker.

    Anyone ever added a gas burner in their offset smoker to make temp regulation easier? I was thinking of adding one to mine with a smoke box on top for smoke. Here is what I've got now:
  20. IMG_20150110_164007_613.jpg


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