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    Kippered Beef

    I just put about a lb and a half in some wet brine. Strips of a rump roast I've had for about a month in the freezer cut between a half inch square to 5/8 square. Small roast because I've never had this stuff come out right. I'll follow up in about 6 days. 1/2 gallon water, 1/2 cup salt, 1/4...
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    A Few Cheesecakes I've made

    You inspired me. I was at the store yesterday and they had cream cheese .69 cents a block. I moved a few months ago and I went looking for my springform pan in the garage. It didn't survive. It's kinda egg shaped now lol. But, I have a nice glass tart pan so here we went... That's your...
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    A week of brisket

    Overcooked flat just means more pulled meals. I love taking stuff like that and making stroganoff, or having it with rice. One of my favorite leftover meals is (especially if I foil and have jus) a couple of cups of rice, onion, and the jus and leftover brisket all cooked together. When I'm...
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    Key Lime Pie! A Pictorial Journey...

    Love me some key lime pie. I follow the same basic recipe but I sometimes make it into a citrus pie. I use 1/2 key lime juice, 1/2 lemon. I tried a bit of orange juice once - and that I didn't care for as much. I use straight heavy cream without sugar to top with. Whip it in my blender for...
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    A Few Cheesecakes I've made

    Oh dear God. I just found this subforum. This thread....... O dear God Make it stop No - don't stop..... MORE FEED ME SEYMORE!!!!
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    Favorite Cookie?

    My old boss used to make me about 4 dozen white chocolate chip macadamia nut cranberry cookies for birthdays/holidays. They were soft, decadent, and had just a hint of orange. I never got the recipe because I figured she'd outlast me - but then they 'downsized' her.
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    Smashburgers, sides and cheesecake

    I'm not even a sweets eater and I want to eat a quarter of that cheesecake pie looking work of art. Tis prettier than the Mona Lisa
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    Cheesesteak Hot Pockets #2

    Wow! Nice!!! I've used crescent rolls as wraps too. My daughter is like me - we aren't red sauce pizza eaters so I've done steak with alfredo, and pepperoni / sausage with alfredo in crescent rolls. I'm going to try steak sauce soon - I don't like steak sauce on steak but I'm betting that...
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    Looking for the perfect smoker

    Cheapo welding blankets. Company in the US (Harbor Freight) sells them. Not pretty, not form fitting, but a welding blanket and a bungee cord works.
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    Pit Boss Temperatures

    Hi Ice. I have a PB 820 Pro - probably pretty similar. They do come preset to P4. So far, P4 on mine runs about 185 avg - but that's not absolute. It runs up to about 210ish when pellets go in occasionally 220 for a second or 3, and often goes down to 170. On P - it's a straight timer...
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    Featured Carne Asada Burritos

    Roll me up in one and I'll eat my way out. Extra green, just for lubrication purposes please 😋
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    Brand new newbie here! Baby back rib advice! Smoke vault 24.

    I don't know how to insert a bit of a post, but Chile gets 4-6 smokes. If you fill a 22lb tank at rather than get a prefilled one you get probably on average 1/3 more propane. I know I've had to grab a prefilled one in a pinch that lasted maybe 20 hours on my grill, while a properly filled one...
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    When Life Gives You Lemons.....

    A downed tree is actually how I fell in total love with pecan. My brother in law had 6 big ones in his property, but old old old trees. One night, the wind came up and a big one came down. We cut it up and stacked it and from a long dead limb in it I took home about 6-7 nice 3-4 inch diameter...
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    It isn't smoked

    But... It is beef!!! I have figured out how to do pics FINALLY So here's a close up Yes, it is kinda sexy 🥰🥰 and it's all mine!!! It's sooo creammmyyyy (I heard you guys liked gravy around here) So 2 money shots!! There's a can of green beans hiding to the side. They think they...
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    Buc-cee's Peppered Dried Beef - recipe/tips?

    I tried this a couple times about 5-6 years ago. My ex loves this stuff and I liked it a lot myself (was a different brand we were finding here but the same stuff). I know it was like 6 bucks for 2 OZ so it was def expensive. Me being me - I said heck I can make this stuff. I used to do a...
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    Beef Tri Tip And Gravy Lasagna

    Count me in on bacon wrapped gravy 😋
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    Chicken fried steak.

    Oh man, the best part of CFS is homemade gravy!! Looks great anyways! My gravy for either sausage gravy or chicken fried steak is just pan drippings, flour stirred into the hot grease for 30 seconds to a minute, salt, black pepper, and milk.
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    Polish sausage fail

    Something like that, I'd love it. I will sometimes dry out Hillshire farms on my smoker, slice thin, and make hoagies out of it. That's a lot, but I'd put a dent in them before I tapped out lol
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    Hey From Tega Cay SC

    And another neighbor from Rock Hill
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    Jowl is great. There used to be a big Mexican grocery store in my town that sold really good heavily smoked ones for around a 1.50/lb. I'd never tried anything other than just slicing and using as bacon, wish I'd seen this post 5 years ago!!
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