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    Wsm mold issue

    I have a wsm and during the winter after i smoke meat, i let it air out then close vents and cover whole thing.. never fails to be molded when i want to use it again after the rain. Anyone know how to prevent mold? Also, i often have trouble getting temperatures up in my wsm. I use minion...
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    Birthday Ribs

    Daughter’s birthday was yesterday and she wanted some juicy ribs. Figured to make enough for lunch today for the four of us. Cherry pellets and 225-250 for 6 hoursHave a great Sunday!
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    Water pan With Traeger

    How many people use water pan with their tareger? would you put pan right under the grill rack or on the rack to the side? how many people line the heat shield with foil for easy clean up? Wonder if it would be a fire hazard If caught on fire due to grease. Also when i center my ribs in the...
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    Best rub for ribs?

    Which rub is everyone’s favorite and where i can get some?
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    Im thinking about smoking my st louis ribs at 200 for 7-8 hours without wrapping. Will it dry pit my ribs? I’m trying to lock in juice while make it tender. I dont like wrapping it due to the juice loss. Figured a little longer time would make it more tender? Any thoughts?
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    Joe’s Kansas City BBQ

    Any know what temp joes smoke their meat at, for how long and if they wrap their meat? Their meat is very tender and juicy, it soesnt appear that they wrap their ribs.
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