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  1. Mastercaster

    What’s Up With Weston?

    Was looking forward to getting a Weston #22 Pro Series 1.5-HP grinder for Christmas and it seems like they’re on B/O until March 2020. Even the Butcher series are in limited qty. Are they going under or retooling for new models or what? Getting my smoker build finished up soon and want to start...
  2. Mastercaster

    Ventless MES 30 Mod Question

    I have a ventless digital MES 30 that I would like to set up for small batch sausage/sticks/jerky smoking. My current plan is to add an adjustable vent in top left of the unit and to either add an adj vent where the chip loader tube is on bottom right side or just pull the chip loader tube out...
  3. Mastercaster

    First Brisket Smoke

    Only my second smoke total after receiving a Rec-Tec for Christmas, I was hesitant deciding whether to just do a butt or go all-in and do a full packer. After reading this forum for a week on everything brisket I decided to go big or go home. Picked up a prime full packer, trimmed it up, applied...
  4. Mastercaster

    How much trim from full packer?

    I'm getting ready for my first brisket smoke this weekend. Brought home a prime full packer and trimmed according to what I’ve learned on here...left a 1/4” more or less on cap. Also trimmed some of the hard fat from the top, including where flat meets the point. Pre-trimmed weight was 14.9 lbs...
  5. Mastercaster

    Noob from Texas;

    Long-time griller but new to smoking. Mr Claus dropped off a new Rec-Tec at Christmas and since then I’ve been educating myself on smoking meat and gathering up the accessories to get started.SMF, bar none, is the most comprehensive site I’ve come across. My only smoke so far was a couple racks...
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