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  1. mosparky

    Hash Cups

    That's going in my recipe file. Thanks Disco.
  2. mosparky

    I have My Orders

    Thanks for the Like, Chop. I was skepticle. I knew many had said "Best ham I ever had" but I am a bit passionate about ham. I don't buy the most popular ham here because I find it downright bland. I'm in it for the flavor and I seriously think it's the best seller because it's the cheapest. My...
  3. mosparky

    I have My Orders

    I went by this https://www.smokingmeatforums.com/threads/picnic-ham-cold-smoked-injected-using-my-method-money-sliced.285882/ I boned out a butt and substituted it for the picnic. Injection needle was a cheap $4 needle from grocery store. There are other threads on using a butt, some using a...
  4. mosparky

    I have My Orders

    Having the friday after Thanksgiving off, and the she beast being pre-occupied with Black Friday, left me unsupervised. It was the perfect opportunity. Smoked up a Butt Ham and some Buck Board Bacon. The hardest part was waiting the 3 days for the Ham to rest and mellow. I was waiting for a...
  5. mosparky

    Newbie MES 40 owner ?

    The only time I close mine is maybe in the case of a 10 hr cook that only applies smoke for the first 6 hrs. In that case I wait til the chips burn out then close the vent to conserve the heat. Other than that, Only when I shut it down to keep bugs and vermin out.
  6. mosparky

    casing sticking on spout

    This is a bigger help than you may think. I use the tubed casings at work and they never seem to get properly soaked. Sometimes they jam so many in the soak bucket, the water doesn't get to the full surface. That coupled with one Meat Cutter who demands they be done with cold water ONLY !! Now...
  7. mosparky


    Several here have made Hams from Picnics and from Butts with reported great results, verified by other members who copied the attempts. I'm almost one of them. I have a 6 lb butt ham resting in the fridge right now. I nipped off a marble sized nub to sample. If that nibble is any indication, it...
  8. mosparky

    Upgrade Issues

    The "Help" tab in chat could use a little touch up in the contrast dept. I can just read the explaination of what the commands do, but the commands themselves are too faint to read. I have to highlight them like a copy/paste to see them.
  9. mosparky

    Game Winner 5# Stuffer

    Thanks for the heads up. I've been waiting for the right deal to come along and this is it, Best price I've seen in a years worth of watching. Just ordered it and didn't even bother to look for a coupon to sweeten the deal. Soon as the confirming email comes in, I'm off to pick it up.
  10. mosparky

    Growing Cherry Tomatoes

    I think I've always done Sweet 100's inn the past. What ever the store had out front. They were really good, especially the one from plants the dog "watered". However, last year my son-in-law did some Juliet (a Burpee brand) cherry tomatoes. They were excellent and very big for a cherry...
  11. mosparky


    Without running you thru a bunch of ohms law equations, the short answer is it will be about 1250 watts and pull about 10.5 amps at 120 volts. (if I did the math right, been a long time since school)
  12. mosparky

    Colorful Cauliflower

    That is some neat looking stuff. I got a little interested in fermenting and a couple jars of mixed colors would sure look interesting, if nothing else.
  13. mosparky

    Giveaway for Inkbird WIFI Sous Vide

    I'll give it a try. Thanks for your support.
  14. mosparky

    Best way to kill surface rust.

    There is a spray on product called Rust Mort or Rust Mortician. Auto restorers use it to kill surface rust before painting. A saw a friend use it years ago on a "32 coupe, then painted it corvette yellow. The slightest bit of active rust would certainly show thru with that color, yet several...
  15. mosparky

    Pickling the Dragon

    Now you got me side tracked with fermenting. My lids and weights just came today.
  16. mosparky

    Cardiovascular Disease

    Looking forward to it. Never had any health issues due to diet, but the writing is on the wall. I got a bunch of Grandkids I'd like to see with families of their own.
  17. mosparky

    WSM propane convert

    First thing that comes to mind is a conversion like has been done to ECBs. The WSM is a similar design so should work, but The diameter difference will have to be dealt with. Check this https://www.smokingmeatforums.com/threads/propane-ecb.167820/ I'm sure there are more exotic ways, but this...
  18. mosparky

    Pecan Pie ~ Foamheart

    Looks great, Foamy. My absolute favorite pie. Stealing the recipe, need to compare to mine. I know I tend to use as many pecans as the crust will hold, then let the "sauce" fill in the gaps. For my money Dark Karo is the only way to go.
  19. mosparky

    Giveaway for Inkbird WIFI Sous Vide

    I'll Give it a shot, sign me up !
  20. mosparky

    Auto stirrers

    I'll second the suggestion to smoke the components. Several years ago I made a turkey noodle soup with the left overs from a smoked Thanksgiving turkey. Nothing else was smoked and I cannot imagine anyone wanting a smokier taste.
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