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  1. jamesb

    My 1st attempt at belly bacon

    Since there seems to be a good amount of talk about bacon lately, I thought I would show ya what I did about a month ago. When shopping at the local Mexican Market, I saw fresh pork bellys in the meat case... Had to give it a try, so I picked up 10lbs of it. Looked around the net and various...
  2. jamesb

    A little Thursday night cooking

    Wow, it's tough trying to decide which category to post this in. Hope this one is OK. Actually did this on Thursday night, but can't seem to edit the thread title... Had some fun yesterday and last night. Friend of a friend needed some food cooked up. Last minute, urgent request kind of deal...
  3. jamesb

    My take on Fish Tacos

    Well, we are trying to avoid going to the grocery store and using up the stuff we have in the freezer... Thawed out some tilapia fillets. Split them down the middle, tossed in seasoned flour and fried. Lightly fried some fresh corn tortillas (did have to go to store for these). Took a tortilla...
  4. jamesb

    Party pics from this past weekend (lotsa pics!)

    My buddy Gary's daughter is pregnant and her husband (Houston) is about to be shipped out to Afghanistan for a year, so we had a little combo baby shower/going away party. On Friday night I cooked 2 briskets and 2 butts via telephone (Gary did these at his house on WSMs). On Saturday, Me, Gary...
  5. jamesb

    Beef Tri-Tip

    I know there is another section that has Tri-Tips in the description, but these were grilled, not smoked so... I don't think I've posted these here before. Did these last Friday. Simply seasoned with coarse salt, fresh cracked black pepper and a bit of garlic and grilled. Took 'em off when they...
  6. jamesb

    Brisket and burnt ends.

    Fired up the WSM this weekend and tossed on a brisket... Splashed some Tabasco Spicey Worcestershire sauce, coarse salt and fresh cracked pepper... Came out black, but pretty good eats... Separated the point, cubed it up and put it in a pan. Coated with some spicey rub, and a few red pepper...
  7. jamesb

    QView Remote

    I picked up a couple of DTV converter boxes this weekend. The remotes proved to be interesting... I kept trying the button, but it didn't give the expeced results... LOL
  8. jamesb

    Prime Rib Soup

    Last weekend, we had a few friends out to the in-laws place for a little cook... One of those friends bought a ribeye roast that we cooked up for dinner. Had a bit left over and I had a hanker'n for some soup! This is how it went... Diced the left over ribeye roast into about 1/2" cubes Diced...
  9. jamesb

    Kroger mudbugs

    This week the local Kroger store had live crawfish for $.99lb. Picked up 6lbs... Boiled 'em up and me and the 2 kids had a snack... Here is my portion.
  10. jamesb

    Slow Grilled Salmon

    Had a hanker'n for some salmon. Saw a nice side yesterday at Costco, so I picked it up... Sort of gave it a quick cure using a modified Car Dogs recipe and put it on the grill indirect. Ended up cooking it a bit faster than I wanted and not all of the rub melted the way I wanted, but it still...
  11. jamesb

    Double Smoked Easter Ham

    Hey! Finally getting a chance to stop back by the forum... Thought I would show ya what we had for Easter lunch. Wife wanted ham... Kids requested that we cook something to remind them of their Grandma (my mom)... Kids requested 'fried' corn and mac n cheese... Had those Brown-n-Serve rolls...
  12. jamesb

    Got to cook today!

    Finally... A nice day w/o wind or rain and a few free hours to play with fire and toss back an adult beverage or 10... Had trouble trying to decide where to park this post, but since there was more pork than anything else, it ended up here... Feel free to move it if there is a more appropriate...
  13. jamesb

    Rib pics from this past weekend.

    It's been a while since I've been on the forum. Glad I re-discovered the bookmark! Here is what I did this past weekend. Spare ribs are probably my favorite thing to Q! James.
  14. jamesb

    Where have you all been in this world?

    Well, after the post about what we all do for a living outside of BBQ, I thought it would be interesting to see what countries you all have had the opportunity to visit... Working in the travel industry I have had many great experiences in a bunch of countries... Most of my travels have been...
  15. jamesb

    Howdy All!

    Stumbled on this forum while googling places to talk BBQ... I'm some what active on a few different BBQ forums, but sometimes I've just got the time to read more! As for me? Texas born and Texas proud! 39 yrs old, married with 2 wonderful daughters, 7 and 9yrs old. Been cooking since I could...
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