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  1. brucec

    Brisket/Burnt Ends - Okay to rest point for a while before cubing?

    I plan to do a packer brisket on my new YS640S this weekend and want to do burnt ends with the point. Since I have a lot of different things that I'll be smoking for a 6pm dinner time on Saturday, I was thinking of smoking the brisket over-night (starting Friday night), and resting in the...
  2. brucec

    GMG Daniel Boone issues

    My wife bought me a Daniel Boone back in 2015 because they were considered one of the better pellet smokers. This model came with WIFI, which I didn't think was a big deal until I used it. It's definitely a nice add-on, but has never really worked well on mine, even with good strong wifi...
  3. brucec

    Foil grease tray on GMG Daniel Boone?

    The only thing I don't really like about my GMG Daniel Boone pellet smoker is cleaning off the cast iron grease tray. Maple syrup drippings in particular can become so melded onto the tray that I can't even scrape it off with a steel putty knife. I tried laying some foil on it the last time I...
  4. brucec

    Thinner pork butt

    A buddy of mine bought a 7 lbs butt at a local butcher that he has asked me to smoke. When I got it out to look at it tonight, it's actually two pieces of butt. One is about 4 lbs and the other 3 lbs. They're fairly wide and long, but only about 3" thick. He wants pulled pork, so I'll...
  5. brucec

    Re-use Sand in water pan?

    I've been using sand in my water pan since sometime last year.  I cover it with HD foil, and Sunday, while I was throwing out the foil that was covering it for the smoke, and replacing it with new, I noticed that the sand was a little hard in places.  I've been just leaving the same sand in the...
  6. brucec

    Smoke pork butt in smaller sizes?

    Seeing some posts lately made me wonder about whether it's better to cut up larger pork butts - like the 10 pounder I did for the SB - into smaller butts - maybe 5 lbs, or less?  Or is it better to smoke the larger butt?  Any opinions?
  7. brucec

    Pulled pork got a little dry

    Smoked a 10 lbs pork butt for the big game.  Took about 17 hours, but it came out and looked just about perfect.  Pulled easy, and tasted really good.  Put it in a crock pot to keep it warm, and didn't take too long before it started getting dry.  Is this just normal, or should I have sauced it...
  8. brucec

    10 lbs Butt and outside temp

    I'm smoking a 10 lbs pork butt for Christmas lunch.  I plan on putting it on around 11pm the night before.  Nightime/morning temp is supposed to be in the lower 20's/upper teens.  I'll be smoking these on my propane Masterbuilt 20050611 smoker.  Is there anything special to keep in mind when...
  9. brucec

    Slaugherhouse Brine

    I've noticed that some brine recipes state that the brine solution should be cooked, prior to brining the turkey.  Is this true for the slaughterhouse recipe, or can i just throw the ingredients together and brine immediately? 
  10. brucec

    Beef Back Ribs

    Hey guys: After eating my Pork spare ribs in my new Masterbuilt 20050611 smoker, my mother-in-law bought some ribs for me to smoke, and tomorrow is the day.  Pulled them out of the freezer to thaw this weekend, and saw that they're "Beef Back Ribs".  My initial panic subsided when I realized...
  11. brucec

    Newbie from Kansas

    I'm a newbie from the central Kansas area.  My wife got me the Masterbuilt 20050611 smoker for Father's Day, and as has been discussed at length here, Masterbuilt doesn't seem to be known for offering good instructions for someone who's never smoked before.  I'm glad I found this site!
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