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  1. uncle_lar

    Another Bacon thread :

    just loaded the smoker  right at about 40 #  cured for 10 days in my vacuum sealed brown sugar dry cure recipe let sit open for 24 hours after a good rinse. some pepper coated some plain.  cherry /apple smoke for probably 12 hours or more @ no more than 90* I pull it when I like the color...
  2. uncle_lar

    anyone combining sous vide into their smoking?

    I just got an Anova Sous Vide immersion cooker for my Birthday after a professional Chef friend recommended it. I want to tell you! if you want tender! juicy , succulent  entrees this is it! would like to hear comments form anyone else that has experience with them. I'm just getting started...
  3. uncle_lar

    first bacon in my fridge build

    I haven't posted in a while, I have been smoking just no time to post! I figured this one was worthy of taking the time to post. I dry cured this for 10 days, belly bacon and a couple pieces of buck board. gave it 8 hrs. of apple wood smoke, with a touch of pecan. going to slice it up later...
  4. uncle_lar

    summer sausage question

    I have made allot of summer sausage and I have always used Fermento for  The Sausage Maker Co. what would an  alternative be that I could maybe get locally. I  make allot of summer sausage and snack sticks and it can get kind of expensive buying it  from them.
  5. uncle_lar

    Late Holiday Dinner. been a while since I posted a Smoke.

     I hope all the forum members had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year's! I Worked allot over the holidays so we didnt host our normal Christmas Eve bash. So we were finally able to get most of the family together  for a dinner tomorrow. I enjoyably  get to be in charge of the main...
  6. uncle_lar

    Merry Christmas

    I want to wish a joyous, prosperous, and Blessed Merry Christmas to all of my dear Friends  on this wonderful forum! May your day be blessed with good food, close family, and the love of our Lord who's Birthday we celebrate today!  Peace be with you all!  smoke on!!
  7. uncle_lar

    east bay area, camanche reservoir area california

    helping my brother  move here to Cali. just wondered if there are any members close? or anyone know of any good Q joints  around these parts south of sacramento? I will be here til Monday.  my first time to central Cal and its pretty nice!
  8. uncle_lar

    some apple wood Prime Rib for the boys at the firehouse

    while I was making Brats today I was prepping and smoking Prime rib for the guys at the firehouse. once a month we have a dinner before our business meeting and since I was off today I told them I would cook. It was 18# and I had to cut it in half to fit in my GOSM at 2.5 hours over apple...
  9. uncle_lar

    Got another case of Butts today so had to make a little more polish and somejalapeno cheddar Jack Br

    few friends wanted some of my jalapeno cheddar jack brats  and had to make a little more smoked kielbasa also doing apple smoked prime rib for the guys at the firehouse but that's another thread I will do later. ingredients.   making about 20 # this will yield me about 25# finished product...
  10. uncle_lar

    A Question about farmer style ring liver sausage

    I really want to make some. I have had some years ago that a friend used to make with the recipe in Rytek's Book The Question I have is,  the recipe calls for Hog snout. it is the one ingredient I cannot find locally. the locker where my buddy used to get them has since closed. is there some...
  11. uncle_lar

    Some Peppe jack Stix

    Brother Nepas gave me a hankerin for some stix. I still had some venison in the freezer from last year so I thought I would get on it. 7pounds of venison Burger and 3 pounds of cow burger. decided to mix up some pepper jack stix. I use a modified version of the slim Jim recipe in Rytek's...
  12. uncle_lar

    going to make a little sausage!

    About 90# to be exact! picked up a case of butts the other day going to make 25# of venison/pork Jalapeno and cheese summer sausage and 50# of smoked Kielbasa. and most likely finish off with some breakfast sausage since I am out here is the stock 70#  case of bone in Butts got em for 1.42...
  13. uncle_lar

    added to the arsenal!

    thought I would show you my latest addition to my arsenal of equipment. I have been wanting to replace my enterprise stuffer with a more modern Stainless steel one for quite some time what I didnt want to do was  spend a boatload  of money on one. I wanted a 15 lb size or larger since most of...
  14. uncle_lar

    Baby Backs and Yard Bird

    It was a toss up as to which to put this under, pork or chicken but since my main smoke was the ribs I put it here. It has been a while since I posted a smoke and it is such a nice weekend I thought I would take the time to post. I got 2 really nice meaty racks of baby backs from  my nephew...
  15. uncle_lar

    finally got around to donating

    I have learned so much and have met so many great people on here, I should kick myself in the butt for not doing it long ago. I finally made a dontaiton to the sight and just want to send a big thank you out to Jeff and everyone that makes this great sight possible! Smoke on!!
  16. uncle_lar

    Enterprise 8qt sausage press.

    I am parting with one of my Enterprise 8 Qt. sausage stuffers holds about 15# of meat at a time. works great but I have no need for 2 I upgraded to a 15# SS model. large plate and tube nut included. I am keeping my tubes I will post a pictrure later when I get home I may decide to throw in...
  17. uncle_lar

    I have a Question for one of the mods

    Can a guy throw something out there for sale in the general discussion area or does it have to be put in the classifieds. It  seems to me like I might get a better response in the general. thanks
  18. uncle_lar

    A Little Mesquite Turkey Pastrami

    I havent done any of this in a while so I thought I would post some I started with 2 bone in turkey breasts. I filleted them out last week and put them in my corn beef pastrami wet cure brine they stayed there for 8 days I took them out this morning and rinsed and soaked them for a few...
  19. uncle_lar

    Labor Day smokeout!

    just getting started with my Labor day smoke, well not really, I prepped last night but anyway, got the smoker loaded at 07:30 central time first round are baby backs and country ribs. rubbed them last night and gave them another coat this morning in a few hours I will also be doing some...
  20. uncle_lar

    Little Piggy Pork Loin

    Work has been crazy lately and I haven't had much smoke time. Off today and a nice day so I thought I would do something that won't take too long. Nice little 3# pork loin roast. some of Jeff's rub, some garlic and rosemary. Going over cherry wood in the GOSM. just put it on right now. more...
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