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  1. brokenwing


    thank you all for the kind comments, I am hoping if I feel well enough to start posting a lot more pics of my creations.
  2. brokenwing


    I like the brown sugar idea, now you have me thinking.  You should give it a try and report back lol.  Add that recipe to your growing list of things to smoke lol.  
  3. brokenwing

    Ham and Beans

    Sorry I read your post wronglI have a good ham and bean recipe I love, just have to find it.
  4. brokenwing

    Ham and Beans

    I make ham and beans all the time, just had it two nights ago.  First you need to start with a good broth.  Go to your butcher, and get a good smoked ham hock or two.  Place that in a stock pot, with a little pepper.  Cook until the mean has fallen off the bone.  Skim the broth, and cut up the...
  5. brokenwing


    Well here is the final pictures.  It was delicious.  I made Rubens for Dinner, with fried squash from the garden.  The only difference is I do not like rye bread, so I made it on whole wheat.  Hope you enjoy.
  6. pastrami 3.jpg

    pastrami 3.jpg

  7. pastrami 2.jpg

    pastrami 2.jpg

  8. pastrami 4.jpg

    pastrami 4.jpg

  9. brokenwing


    Thanks jimmy, I know what you mean by cured, that is why I am not worried.  I just hate to see meat temps above 38 degrees when they go on the pit.  I guess it is more of a comfort zone to me.  This thing is cooking fast, I am up to 150 degrees but I know the stall is coming lol.
  10. Pastrami


  11. brokenwing


    Hey everyone its been a while!  I was going through the freezer, and found a corned beef brisket.  I soaked the brisket in cold water for 6 hours, changing the water twice.  I then rubbed it down with mustard, and black pepper, and hickory rub.  It is now on the smoker, with a temp between 240...
  12. pastrami 1.jpg

    pastrami 1.jpg

  13. pastrami.jpg


  14. brokenwing

    Bradley, to be or not to be

    I am with everyone, My MES was a pile of junk, my ECB outlasted it and is cooking a pork shoulder as we speak.  Get the Bradley, I think you will have better luck.


  16. brokenwing


    Santa showed up with all sorts of cooking things, as well as a new deep fryer, and my sausage making equipment!!
  17. christmas.jpg


  18. brokenwing

    RE: Bearcarver's health

    Hang in there john, and let them folks take care of you.  Get yoruself  some rest, and you will be home before you know it. 
  19. brokenwing

    RE: Bearcarver's health

    hang in there bear, wishing you a speedy recovery, The good lord will get you through this.
  20. brokenwing

    Gary Simmons Memorial Fund - Updated 1/20/13

    Gary was a great guy, small donation on the way.  Anything to help Gary's family as well as the wonderful children he and his family so gratefully helped.
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