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  1. soonersmokering

    Fresh Easter Ham

    Couldn't make my mind up for Easter dinner, decided to go with a fresh ham, pretty sure I made the right choice. I'm using the Maple Bourbon recipe from Smoke and Spice. The paste smelled amazing, I let the ham marinate for 2 days. It's been a tough start, raining here in OK this morning, makes...
  2. soonersmokering

    Beef Clod and Brisket Sunday Funday

    I've been wanting to char a beef clod for quite some time now. I finally got one of those new igrill 2, they been required. sounds like the perfect opportunity to cook a brisket in the shoulder clod!:grilling_smilie: Here's the prep work. This things was huge!, 22lbs. 20141025_212705.jpg...
  3. soonersmokering

    Naked Birds

    Decided to try some naked birds on the new smoker to see how the true smoke taste seasoned the yard birds. Used Oklahoma pecan splits and apple chunks to flavor. Just S&P on the birds. I did use a beer can method with dr pepper cans. Threw a couple Burnco Sausages on the pit as well, 2 jalepeno...
  4. soonersmokering

    Easter Hasty Bake Bone in Lamb Leg

    I'm so excited this is my first lamb leg to do on the grill. Let this primal cut marinate for 2days. Basically stuffed the leg with 26 garlic cloves, 2cups of chopped mint, rosemary and oregano in small slits throughout the leg. Dusted liberally with hasty bake Greek seasoning. Smoked...
  5. soonersmokering

    Open Championship Pulled Pork and Chicken

    Thought I'd grace the Brits with good old souther hospitality for the oldest golf championship in the game. Check out that dad gum money muscle it's the size of a freakin tenderloin! Beast weighs 13#
  6. soonersmokering

    Hasty Bake St Louis Spares 3-2-1 Method

    Smoking some spareribs for Father's Day I tried to 321 method before, but I have not documented. Today's activities included preparing the ribs for tomorrow's smoking. I cut the spareribs into St. Louis cut and then applied the rub. I chose the purchase three racks of all natural as opposed to...
  7. soonersmokering

    Thermometers - What Works Out There?

    I've purchased a handful of thermometers over the last year of various complexities and prices. The most expensive was... ThermoWorks: TW8060 Kit, Includes TW8060 Thermocouple Meter with alarm, 113-177 Smokehouse probe with SST over braid cable, and 113-041 Crocodile Clip probe   $141 The...
  8. soonersmokering

    Hello First Time Threader Long Time Listner

    Hola fellow forum threaders! I live and BBQ in Tulsa, OK, I can cook any style and type of what I consider the basic BBQ (Ribs, Pork Butt, Chicken and Brisket).  I bought my first smoker in college (Webber Bullet), 2004.  Learned alot of lessons with that thing, ruined my fair share of turkey...
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