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  1. sundaysmoker

    how much pork to cook????

    Goodmorning everyone. It's been a while since I have been around - taking the winter off I guess. Hope everyone has been doing well. I am cooking some 'que for approx 30 people. There will be seasoned potatoes and baked beans and rolls. How much pork should I cool?? I hope some of you that...
  2. sundaysmoker

    First Turkey Smoke

    Well I'm almost set to have my first whole turkey smoke this weekend. I want to do something fairly simple with the seasoning. I thought about adding Zesty Italian dressing to the brine and maybe even injecting some of the dressing?? I'm just not sure - I guess I wanted to brine/inject more for...
  3. sundaysmoker

    Posting pics ???

    I want to post some smoking pics but I am not sure how to do it. Can I upload them straight from my computer or do I first need to upload them to an internet site, like shutterfly? Patrick
  4. sundaysmoker

    should I peel the bark??

    I am smoking a couple racks of ribs and a turkey this weekend and a friend gave me some apple wood 4-5 months ago I wanted to use for flavor. Should I remove the bark before using it? I have heard the bark can make the meat taste bitter - any truth to this? Thanks, Patrick
  5. sundaysmoker

    First time rib smoke + pork loin

    I was at the local Food Lion today and spotted spare ribs on sale for $1.49 per lb. They just looked too good to pass up. I have been reading about ribs so I figured why not...take the plunge. :) So this weekend I will try my hand at ribs. I intend on using the famous 3-2-1 method with...
  6. sundaysmoker

    where to get wood???

    I would like to try using wood for my heat source instead of charcoal - I have a chargriller super pro with a sfb. I like hickory over mesquite, but have no idea where to get it. Any ideas?? Are there any other types of wood that would be a good heat source without flavoring the meat too...
  7. sundaysmoker

    Got SOme Diff. Types of wood

    I have just bought a Char-griller super pro w/ sfb... I have read that when smoking with this unit it is hard to get charcoal to reach proper temp due to the large size/volume of the cooking area. They (char-griilers web site) recommend using wood - so on to my question....what types of wood do...
  8. sundaysmoker

    Time for a new smoker!!!!

    hello to everyone...it has been a while since i have been to the website. I got very busy with work and family. I have a brinkman verticle charcoal smoker (cabinet style) and have not been happy with it. I have had several good smokes but with smaller cuts of meat. I just can't get temps to...
  9. sundaysmoker

    having trouble maintaining temp!???!!

    I currently have the inexpensive brinkmann verticle smoker. I am having trouble maintaining constant temp. I have to "reload" the charcoal approx every 1 1/2 hours. I'm using lump charcoal. When I open the door to reload the coal the temp drops down to 150 degrees or so and takes 30-45 mins...
  10. sundaysmoker

    smoking brats

    Does anyone know approx how long brats will take in the smoker ??? I'm trying to plan breakfast, lunch, & dinner. Fatties in the morning Brats early afternoon Pork tenderloin in the evening Should be a great day! Patrick
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