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  1. fishinjoe

    Stuffer advice

    I am upgrading from my 5lb plastic gear suffer due to one of the gears cracking during my last batch. I have came across this and was wondering if anyone had any experience with it . Also horizontal or vertical?
  2. fishinjoe

    Propane smoker vent help

    I finally got my new build almost done and now I cannot get the burner to stay lit. What kind of vents do I need and can anyone help me with placement? Attached are some pictures. Thanks Joe
  3. fishinjoe

    How to plug burner

    I read on here before what to use to plug up half the holes on a burner to lower the temp in my smoker but I cannot for the life of me find the thread now. I am trying to block off half of the holes on a cast burner to maintain lower temps. Does anyone know where I can find this information...
  4. fishinjoe

    First vertical smoker build

    Here is my first attempt at a smoker build. Any comments and tips are greatly appreciated. It measures 48x24x16. It is almost complete. Joe
  5. fishinjoe

    How many BTU's?

    I am making a stainless smoker that is 48x24x16. Is there any way of calculating how many BTU's I need for this smoker. I am going with propane and and am trying to find a burner. Also do I need HP or LP? Thanks Joe
  6. fishinjoe

    Probe wire into smoker

    I am building a new smoker and was looking for some ideas on how you guys run your probe wires into your smokers? I have always just wrapped the wire in foil and closed it in the door but am looking for a better idea now. Joe
  7. fishinjoe

    Propane burner size question

    I am building a vertical smoker that is 48 tall, 24 wide and 16 deep and was wondering what size burner I shoukd get? Also what kind? Joe
  8. fishinjoe

    Best BBQ in Saint Louis

    I have never been there before and ill bee going over the weekend for family stuff. What BBQ places would you guy recommend around there figure I will need to hit at least one up while I am there. Thanks Joe
  9. fishinjoe


    I am in the market to get a new chef knife and a boning knife and was looking for some recommendations. I'm not looking to break the bank but I also want something that will hold a edge well and I am fully aware quality costs money. Joe
  10. fishinjoe

    Shoulder foil and finish in the oven?

    For some reason I cannot seem to get my smoker over 215 today. Would there be and ill effects if I were to foil it and throw it in the oven to finish? I have had it in the smoker for 5 hours now. I have never tried this before and dont want to mess up 2 shoulders. Thanks Joe
  11. fishinjoe

    Canning salsa recipe

    I am just wondering what everyones favorite recipe for canning salsa was? Looking to try something new and am open to suggestions. Joe
  12. fishinjoe

    Smoking cheese tutorial

    A little while back I found a tutorial that I could swear was on this site with instructions on the smoking, ageing and storeing of cheese but all my searches have all turned up empty. Does anyone have a link for it or know of another one similar? Joe
  13. fishinjoe

    How to stuff 1.5" casings?

    I am going to try my first attempt at making summer sausage and am wondering how I go about stuffing the casings? I have a Gander Mountain 5lb vertical but the tubes are no where near 1.5". How do I go about doing this? Joe
  14. fishinjoe

    Turkey time and temp question

    Tomorrow will be my first attempt doing a turkey and was wondering what temp should I set the smoker at and also About how many minutes a pound it will take? thanks Joe
  15. fishinjoe

    Hi all

    Hi all I', new here from Michigan. Used to use a Little Chief for Salmon and Venison Jerky until that went out last year. I just received a Smoke Hollow LP smoker as a gift and cant wait to get her fired up. I think you guys will have another addict on your hands. Joe
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