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    Bacon cure without sugar

    I have been planning on making my own bacon for a long time, so I finally bought a pellet tube, curing salt, and a pork belly. I am on a zero carb diet, so I don’t want to have sugar in the cure for bacon. Is this safe, or is the sugar necessary for the curing process? I know it will change the...
  2. K

    Really close to pulling the trigger on a LSG

    As the title says, I’m very close to buying a Lonestar Grillz offset vertical smoker (this one). I have a few questions though. Are 5” casters fine, or should I upgrade the size. Other than if I move to a different house, I don’t see myself moving this around at all. Is it worth getting...
  3. K

    Brisket burgers

    I just got a decent meat grinder, and I plan on making ground brisket for burgers. Had some brisket burgers before and they were excellent. Should I trim much fat off? Should I grind just the point or flat? Or just cut that sucker up and grind it all together?
  4. K

    Cajun Bayou Broiler

    I was at someone’s house, and they are pretty much the “money is no object” type. They had a Salamander broiler in their kitchen, and I had never seen anything like it. We ended up talking about steaks, and the guy uses it to sear steaks after cooking them sous vide. I cook sous vide steaks a...
  5. K

    Keeping burgers hot after grilling

    On Saturday, I have a small party to cook for at my mother-in-law’s. They want burgers and hotdogs. They have a charcoal grill, but I asked for a pic of it and it’s really gross and the grate looks like it’s falling apart. My only option is my small portable gas grill. I think I can maybe fit 5...
  6. K

    Opinions on cabinet smokers

    I’ll be moving in the next 6 months, and I will finally have a yard where I can fit a large smoker. I’ve pretty much decided on a cabinet style smoker. I like offsets, but I want to be able to put it on a little trailer that I have for potentially tailgating with it. There are a lot of models...
  7. K

    First briskets on my Rec Tec

    I decided to make brisket for everyone at work. It ends up being around 30 people, so I did 3 12 pound briskets. I didn’t think 2 would be enough. Cooked them right at 12 hours, about 9.5 at 215, then wrapped and cooked the remainder at 275. I wasn’t sure how long it would take because I hadn’t...
  8. K

    Mayonnaise rub on ribs

    I made two racks of ribs with a little different twist than I usually do. I know a lot of people use mustard as a base to make the rub stick, but I always found the moisture of the meat let the rub stick fine by itself. Then I saw a chicken recipe made with mayonnaise instead of mustard as the...
  9. K

    Ribs not pulling away from bone

    I got my Rec Tec Bull about 3 weeks ago, so I’m still learning what works best with it. Everything has come out good so far. A little different than what I was making before, but still really good. I’ve found that the 3-2-1 method for ribs doesn’t work as well with pellets as it did with...
  10. K

    Need advice on smoking ahead of time for work

    Next week, I’m going to try to barbecue a large amount for a work party. I don’t have any way to get my smoker to work, and I will probably need to smoke for a few days to make enough bbq for everyone. What’s the best way to prepare ahead of time and reheat? I have 2 Sous Vide cookers if vacuum...
  11. K

    Chuck tender roast not so good

    I wanted to try a chuck roast, but they were overpriced at the store. They did have chuck tender roast on sale, so I bought 2. Cooked one at 131 for 21 hours, then seared over charcoal. It came out great, at least as far as tenderness and doneness. It did not taste very good though. Pretty...
  12. K

    Steak for 8... what to get

    My wife wants me to cook steak for Mother’s Day, which is awesome. I’ll need to make enough for 8 adults. There’s some logistical problems because of where we’ll be though. Is there a cut of meat similar to prime rib, but more “steak-like”? I love prime rib, but it’s more of an awesome roast...
  13. K

    Now comes the wait...

    I ended up pulling the trigger on a REC TEC RT700. Hopefully the wait isn’t too awful, I’d like to be able to BBQ some stuff for mother’s day. I happened to go to the outdoor section of WalMart and saw a Pit Boss 700 for $400. Made me want to cry a little bit, but I’m hoping the REC TEC doesn’t...
  14. K

    Debating getting a pellet smoker

    I know this is the pellet smoker forum, so the answers may be a bit skewed. I was really thinking about getting an electric smoker, but I’ve started leaning towards a pellet smoker the more I’ve read. I think what’s going to make the difference for me is how well pellet smokers work as a grill...
  15. K

    Probably going to get a Smokin-It, few questions

    Hey guys, I’m about 99% decided that I’m going to buy a Smokin-It smoker soon. I’ve been using a Chargiller Akorn for a few years, and a cheap offset smoker before that. I do have a couple of questions: 1) Size - I’m not sure between the 2D and 3D. For anyone that has the 2D, how many racks of...
  16. K

    Trying to decide on new smoker

    Hey guys, I’ve been BBQing for 5 or 6 years. Currently I have a kamado, and before that I used an upright smoker. I’m looking for a simpler setup. My job takes up a lot of time, and now that I have kids I don’t find myself making the time to make BBQ. I’ve pretty much decided on an electric or...
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