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  1. payson

    Snack Stick storage question?

    I recently purchased a Hi Mountain snack stick kit that included everything from the cure to the 19 mm casings. (I believe that’s the size at least.) After smoking to an internal temp of 165 they are beautiful! Sorry, no pictures. Anyway, I’d like to take them to Utah on an upcoming hiking trip...
  2. payson

    Meat Grinder Question

    Hello, My wife has given me the green light to upgrade my current hand crank meat grinder. I saw this at Lowes and was wondering what the consensus was. http://www.lowes.com/lowes/lkn?actio...3681-576-MG100 It's a "Waring Pro". Any experience with this model? Are there better options out there...
  3. payson

    Beef Sirloin ?

    My wife just grabbed a beef sirloin that's about 10 pounds. (I think that's what it's called anyway..) It's a huge hunk of pretty lean, good looking beef. I'm guessing we can make sirloin tips and what not but I'm wondering what else can be done with it? Can you cut off a nice slice and treat it...
  4. payson

    Bratwurst plan

    I need to smoke about 40 brats for a shindig Saturday. Here’s what I plan to do: Smoke at 225F for about 2-3 hours (guessing here) until an internal temp of 155. Place in a beer bath (cheapo stuff like Bud, saving the real stuff to drink!!) and serve that way at the party. I anticipate...
  5. payson

    Insta Cure #1 to Tender Quick Conversion

    Hello, Does anyone know how to convert a recipe that calls for Insta Cure #1 to Tender Quick? I want to make a very basic jerky recipe out of Rytek Kutas's book and he specifies Insta Cure #1 but I only have Tender Quick on hand. Thanks in advance!
  6. payson

    Backpacking foods

    I'm curious if anyone ever smokes and dries food for backpacking. Jerky, obviously, but what about beef for reconstituting later? Sort of using the smoker like a dehydrator. I'm thinking a mean chili could be made, dried, and very easy to carry. Just reconstitute on the trail and voila!
  7. payson

    Logic - PG13

    Redneck Logic Two Tennessee Rednecks, Bubba and Jim Bob, are sitting at their favorite bar, drinking beer. Bubba turns to Jim Bob and says, 'You know, I'm tired of going through life without an education. Tomorrow I think I'll go to the Community College, and sign up for some classes.'...
  8. payson

    Chicken Rolls

    Smoked these last night. Can't go wrong with an abundance of bacon! The thing on the second rack is a smoked (or soon to be smoked) stuffed cabbage. Filled it with butter, ham, french onion soup mix and a bit of mustard oil. Delicious!
  9. payson

    Mmmmmm Ham!

    Here's a pic of a ham I recently did using the Sausage Maker's honey cure. Rave reviews from my family. Can't wait to start the next one. Cured about 6 days, then smoked with cherry and basted with a mustard pineapple glaze.
  10. payson

    Home roasting coffee

    (Not sure where else to put this) Well, it's not like I needed another hobby but I'm heading in that direction. I've started roasting my own green coffee beans. It's surprisingly affordable and quite delicious. Does anyone else have the coffee roasting bug? Seemed like the natural next step for...
  11. payson

    Ham - Temp Control Issue

    Hey, I just had a temperature issue develop with my Bradley Electric. No big deal in the scheme of things because they have excellent customer service. The real problem here is a freshly cured ham Iâ€8482m in the process of making. I intended to “air dry†it for 8 hours at about 110F and then...
  12. payson


    Not beer but I didn't know where else to put it. A friend just passed this along. Looks like a fine New Year's libation! Limoncello • Peel the rind of about 12 lemons and steep in a container with grain alcohol for 2 weeks. • Take an equal amount of water (I usually save the Everclear...
  13. payson

    Smoking turkey Wed., eating Sat.

    Hey, I'm going to smoke a bone-in turkey breast (about 6#) Wednesday to take to my folks house over the weekend. I'm set with the brine, wood type, etc... What I'm wondering is how to best accomplish it as far as reheating it Saturday. I'm thinking I'll smoke it to about 150 internal and then...
  14. payson

    Traveling ABT's

    Hey, I've got a nice party to go to shortly that will require a bit of travel. I'll have to have my appetizer prepared about two days prior to the event. I'd love to bring some ABT's but I'm worried about how they'll fare after that amount of time. Other than warming them at the hosts house I...
  15. payson

    Cheerwine BBQ sauce

    Hereâ€8482s a sauce that recently appeared in the South Carolina State newspaper. They referred to it as an award winning sauce although they never elaborated. Looked pretty interesting although I havenâ€8482t tried it. For non-southerners, Cheerwine is a cherry style soft drink. Tastes like...
  16. payson

    Original Bradley Electric

    I just got a Bradley electric smoker and I gotta say "WOW"! This thing is solid as a rock and appears to be extremely well built. I'm looking forward to its inaugural smoke! I think I'll do a fatty and a cornish hen tonight. I bought it because of its ability to cold smoke as well as smoke at...
  17. payson

    Smoke Hollow - VS - GOSM

    Hello, I've got a birthday coming up and have decided that a new smoker is in order. I want propane instead of my current electric ECB. (I know the purists are cringeing but I like convenience.) I rarely cook for more than 6 at a time so size isn't a huge concern. I'd like the temps to be...
  18. payson

    Smoked/Hot salt

    Hereâ€8482s a “recipe†I stumbled on a few years ago purely by accident. I was trying to dry some fresh Tabascoâ€8482s and habaneroâ€8482s and my dehydrator was on the fritz. I figured Iâ€8482d poke holes in the peppers and lay them on a bed of kosher salt. My thinking was that the salt would...
  19. payson

    Candian Bacon, etc...

    Hello, I'm in the process of attempting some Canadian Bacon. I'm using Tender Quick at the prescribed rate (I think it's 1 tablespoon per pound) along with some sugar. Are there any other spices I should add? Once it's been "cured" for 3-5 days should I lightly smoke it prior to pan frying...
  20. payson

    Pork Crown Roast Help...

    Hey, I think I'm going to smoke a crown roast this weekend. Not too familiar with them. Ideally I'd like pulled pork, is this cut appropriate? (I happen to have one in the freezer is why I ask). If it's more of a sliced chop type of meat, how should I cook it. Any suggestions, rubs, finishing...
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