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  1. firstduesmoke

    Attn. Wine and Cider Brewmasters...

    I just kegged my Thanksgiving Cider. I used champagne yeast, 4 gal fresh cider, 2 lb. brown sugar, and about 1 cup of clove honey. I'm a homebrewer by trade, this is my first crack at cider too and it's turned out ok so far.
  2. firstduesmoke

    Perfect Flame LP Smoker

    Oh man those things look good!
  3. firstduesmoke

    Perfect Flame LP Smoker

    Hey guys! Hope all is well with everybody. I smoked on Saturday...2 boston butts and chicken breasts. The smoke turned out really well and I've been really happy with my PF smoker. I enclosed a picture, admittedly it's not a very good one but it gives you an idea of what it looked like. The...
  4. firstduesmoke

    Perfect Flame LP Smoker

    All, Turns out that I have the tin firebox. I smoked a butt and 3 racks of pork ribs last weekend and they turned out really well. Ribs smoked for 8.5 hours and BB for 10. Meat was falling off the bone on the ribs. I used black walnut chunks that had been seasoned for about 3 years. I left the...
  5. firstduesmoke

    Perfect Flame LP Smoker

    Not sure if the smoke box is cast iron or tin. It's the original part that came with the smoker. I have had the same results that others have had- fresh chips smoke for a short period of time then turn into charcoal and don't smoke anymore. I will try wet wood chunks next time I smoke and see...
  6. firstduesmoke

    Perfect Flame LP Smoker

    Thanks for the replies. I have used black walnut, mesquite, and hickory so far but have used woodchips rather than chucks of wood. Maybe using chucks will allow for longer burning and more smoke. I try not to open the smoker much during the process to keep the temps steady and smoke in. Have...
  7. firstduesmoke

    Perfect Flame LP Smoker

    Hi everybody! I'm a newbie that recently bought a Perfect Flame LP smoker from Lowes. I have smoked before, but not with this style of smoker. Does anybody know the best way to generate alot of smoke with this type of smoker? There is a firebox located just above the gas burner. I have soaked...
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