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  1. the virginian

    Food Safety and the Brining Bucket. HD / Lowes Might Not be best source

    I mentioned before I have an environmental health background, and Travcoman is right. You put different solutions in buckets, it can draw out chemicals. Just like if your plumbing, you use CPVC pipes as opposed to PVC for water that you shower with and drink. Restaurant supply stores sell food...
  2. the virginian

    Redemption in Virginia!!!

    I could probaby post a pic of the pork in it's current state, but I'd get kicked off the forum. I'll provide photographic evidence of the next smokes.
  3. the virginian

    Ridgewood Barbecue, Bluff City, TN..The best in the Country?

    I grew up in the area I now live, and there is a little dive restaurant that is along what used to be one of the major highways, then time and progress passed it by with the building of new highways, but the place is still thriving. Here are some links to some stories about the place, but it is...
  4. the virginian

    Redemption in Virginia!!!

    So if you read my last post where I accidently smoked a plastic grill brush the last half hour of my first pork smoke, let me update you. I ended up keeping the MES I won off the radio, and I'm glad I did. Masterbuilt did hose me out of a cover, but I think I can sucker them out of...
  5. the virginian

    Score-Another Old Sign

    I too have been a collector of signage. One of the few that I kept is a 1962 Philips 66 sign that is about 6x6, it was in a giant heavy frame. I love old signage. I would bet this thing is probably worth several hundred dollars, like 600 at least, maybe a grand. That's a hell of a find.
  6. the virginian

    Anyone Ever Smoked One of These?

    Im with MPH on this one. I'm a sucker for animals, even though I dine on them. I under stand micro-economics and local areas of different parts of the world do what they have to do to "survive". Just like my great grandma would drown a bunch of kittens in a potato sack because every third...
  7. the virginian

    Disaster in Virginia!!!

    I'm not discouraged, I was just mad at myself. I built a wood fire in the grill box and let it go, burning out any plastic that may have been left. I like playing with fire, but this electric bit is alot easier. I'm actually getting alot more done today on a day off.
  8. the virginian

    Disaster in Virginia!!!

    Well, perhaps not true disaster, but it sure did suck. Last weekend I was going to smoke my first picnic. I set up the trashpile smoker for an all Saturday ordeal. I spent quite a long time getting this masterpiece going. Many moppings and injectings, many bastings....so this thing was on...
  9. the virginian

    Easy way to clean grates

    I put mine on top of the grates in my gas grill and cranked it up. It didn't take long and they scraped easy.
  10. the virginian

    Prime Rib on the UDS

    I'm glad someone else knows it's just "Jus". Indy huh? I work for an Indy based company.
  11. the virginian

    I won a 40" Masterbuilt Smoker on the John Boy & Billy Show!!!

    So that's a $430 gift card, right? The chimney starter sounds like a good offer, but I have one of those I got for my trashpile smoker. I'm pretty excited about it, and I hope to keep it. I'm strapped for room, so it will be interesting to store. I've been reading lots on it in the past few...
  12. the virginian

    I won a 40" Masterbuilt Smoker on the John Boy & Billy Show!!!

    So I know some of you fine folks are in the South, and I'm sure some more of you have listened to John Boy & Billy...well, last week I won John Boy Jeopardy and then won the weekly grand prize, a 40" Masterbuilt electric digital smokehouse....so the dilemas begin. Only last month did I get into...
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