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  1. bbally

    Fast things ready for a putt, momma loaded up!

    It rained yesterday so I spent the day changing oil, replacing brake pads and generally pollishing and cleaning the machine. Since it was an out of state title I am stuck with the paper plates for another month..... but we are cruise ready!
  2. bbally

    Never do something fast on a warm sunny day.... it will come home with you! But she is a beauty

    The kids are finished college and mostly out of the house, time to get back to the "other" life that I call PB (prior to babies) Stage two air, race pipes, set up on the dyno for 130 HP at 7500 RPM... she screams when you twist it hard.
  3. bbally

    Huddler is a virus?

    Don't know what changed in the last couple weeks.  But this forum locks up on a continual basis.  Most the computers I am on run IE 8...... but I am having to kill the window in the task manager to get things back. No pattern noticed yet..... but I will keep watching.
  4. bbally

    KCBS competitive experienced Teams, a question

    Since getting placed in the lower one tenth of my third competition I have been looking at the KCBS website and looking at the placings of teams and the scores from the comps on my barbeque. Since the TASTE SCORE is multiplied by 2.28 this score is the one I keyed on for this research which led...
  5. bbally

    Second time meeting Harry Soo of Slap Yo Daddy.....

    This is the second time I have had the opportunity to speak with Harry Soo of Slap Yo Daddy competiive barbeque team. The first being last year at the HavaBBQ contest. He and his whole team are very helpful and very nice. He came up to look at the paella I had cooked and made up for the people...
  6. bbally

    havasu update

    Won first place chili Got assss kicked in all other meats. Fun time
  7. bbally

    Packed up for HavaBBQ ready to gooooooooooo!!!!!!!

    All packed up for the Blow off some Steam escape!!!!! Case of brisket, case of pork butt, case of back ribs, case of salmon, case of parsley!!!!!!
  8. bbally

    Grand Junction Catholic Outreach Soup Kitchen, February 19

    For my Sixth year now I cook for the Grand Junction Catholic Outreach Soup Kitchen.  The third Saturday of every month finds me at the soup kitchen cooking for the homeless and helping the soup kitchen use up the "weird stuff" that the home cooks don't want to mess with during the week. For...
  9. bbally

    The American Classic

    Tonight the American classic!  The hamburger, for the wife and I we do it on bread as the rolls have to many calories for our eating habits.  We get smaller rolls, just did not have any this time.  We raise our own beef, but the butcher has a pattie machine, I love the pattie machine. If you...
  10. bbally

    United Way fund raiser Taste of the Grand Valley

    We do several charity events every year.  As I posted earlier we donated a plated dinner party for 30 to Hospice that sold for a record single item offering of $9000.00! United Way is another one of our chosen charities to support.  We like how most the money stays local to help the local...
  11. bbally

    Super Bowl...... Smoked Shrimp Spring Rolls!

    Super bowl eats this year.  My son was going to his college buddies place and they were having a party, so I made a couple racks of baby backs, boneless skinless chicken thighs and decided to try a smoked shrimp spring roll. Did not get pictures of the finished chicken and baby backs as I got...
  12. bbally

    HavaBBQ Lake Havasu City AZ... anyone else attending?

    Anyone else going to the KCBS event HavaBBQ? All signed up again this year.... looking forward to seeing some of you.
  13. bbally

    Hospice Dinner Gala Auction sets record for single item

    We cater the hospice gala dinner every year for many years. This year we donated a catered dinner party for 30 people.  With 14 people bidding we were very happy to see the item sell for $9,000.00!  A new single item record. It was really fun to be there while they were bidding on the dinner...
  14. bbally

    NFL Conference Championship smokes

    Doing up some more boneless Skinless Thighs for the late game.  Had the leftover Ancho Chili that I used in yesterdays Filet Mignon surf and turf with Asian Mexican fusion meal for the fried rice for the early game food. I added some white great northern beans and white kidney beans to it. ...
  15. bbally

    Filet Mignon surf and turf with Asian Mexican fusion fried rice!

    Surf and Turf with an Asian Mexican fusion on the side. (I have switched to a new size of picture and am interested if they are large enough for you to view?) Been working on the low calorie high flavor menus for the release of the newest venture in a month.  I had a set of 3 ounce filet...
  16. bbally

    This Tab is recovering......... I E

    Anyone else been reviewing the forum and have the thing go blank, create a message that says "due to an error on the forum this tab is being recovered? I have not caught the illegal code call yet, but I will.......... Just wondering if it is me or if others see it.
  17. bbally

    Low Calorie Smoked Ham Frittata

    A low calorie low salt breakfast with smoked ham.  When completed this smoked ham frittata (the fancy word for baked omlete) is 225 calories per plated frittata.  The ham is heats to render off most of the fat. Oven at 375 F.  I am doing this in mini everyday pans, but you can do this in any...
  18. bbally

    Huddler has to be the worst interface on the Planet for a Forum

    As I continue to try and post and work with this Huddler engine, I have come to the conclusion that while I like our forum, the software engine underlying it is absolutely the worst piece of crap ever compiled as code. Everything on interfacing with this platform to create any kind of a post...
  19. bbally

    Small Office Party Gathering for 100 plus... catering

    Thursday night had a little catering for an office party.  Wanted to share what a smoked appetizer buffet for 100 looks like here locally. From front to back.  My cured smoked salmon as a Caesar salad martini, Shrimp shooters with smoked cocktail sauce, Hula Hula smoked chicken slider, Philly...
  20. bbally

    Grilled Halibut Peach Salsa

    Having been on the get healthy focus since July 2010 we have lost a little over 30 pounds each.  The biggest reason for failure of most weight loss programs is they make you eat food that tastes like crap.  So I have been on a mission to lower the salt, lower the fat and keep the smoke and sauce...
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