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  1. nwbhoss

    First turkeys in my big reverse flow.

    I had the pleasure of cooking 3 turkeys in the 500 gallon reverse flow I recently finished building. I was sure glad to have my smoker inside on a cold rainy Thanksgiving day. I took ideas from several people here and combined what I liked with my own ideas and the final product was...
  2. nwbhoss

    Q views of my just completed reverse flow

    I thought I should post a few pictures of my 500 gallon reverse flow smoker I recently finished building. I have a few cooks under my belt with thing now and I couldn't be happier! I love cooking on this thing it works perfectly and using a stick burner over my propane setup makes such better...
  3. nwbhoss

    Teriyaki chicken with Q view

    I did my first chicken in my 500 gallon reverse flow smoker I recently finished building. I have done teriyaki chicken before and most of the time it turns out extremely salty and I finally figured out the soy vay veri veri teriyaki sauce I use needs to only marinate a couple hours, any longer...
  4. nwbhoss

    Thinking about internal door hinges

    I know guys have tried this before but I have not seen any info on how well they worked after it was done. I think hood hinges off a older full sized truck would be very cool over counter weights and I am seriously considering it for my 500 gallon reverse flow build. My smoker has 2 doors and I...
  5. nwbhoss

    Feldons and other calculators for builds?

    I have been working on my first smoker build for a while now and while I was searching other builds looking for ideas and info one thing came up over and over, people like myself asking for help about the size and style of their builds.  I was wondering if there could be a beginner forum for...
  6. nwbhoss

    500 gallon RF Build revised

    Well I decided to start a new thread on my build since my recent schooling from the calculator has completely changed my build. I removed the wood stove I thought I would use as a firebox after finding out it was less than half the size I needed and the FB to CC opening was no where near large...
  7. nwbhoss

    500 gallon RF questions

    I am in the process of my first build and was a little late looking at the calculator for my build. I know my firebox is too small and I plan to correct that in the future and I am continuing with the rest of the build. Reading the calculator threads gives me a headache I am glad there are...
  8. nwbhoss

    A HUGE thank you to NWDave for going above and beyond the call!!!!!

    I was smoking about 45lbs of pulled pork for a big Christmas lunch with my co-workers last week and after about 4 hours I realized my temps where NOT anywhere near where they should be! After going over my smoker and gear I realized my remote temp reading device was not working correctly. The...
  9. nwbhoss

    If you like Yoshidas you are gonna LOVE this!!! W/ Q-view

    I have been using this sauce for a while now and I like it much better than Yoshidas You can get it Costco and man does it do a job on Chicken (or just about anything else) So take some of this...... add it to this....... do this for 24 hours..... and put here @200* for about 4 hours...
  10. nwbhoss

    Pork Shoulder with Q-View

    I had a bunch of friends over on saturday so I made up 3 Fatties for breakfast and since we would be working on trucks all day I threw in a pork shoulder for dinner It turned out great!!! This was my first try at a pork shoulder (or anything large other than a turkey) and I was happy with it...
  11. nwbhoss

    A tale of 3 Fatties (Q-View)

    I had a bunch of friends over Saturday morning to work on trucks at my shop and I decided to make breakfast so I whipped up 3 Fatties One was waffles and syrup (this is what my wife likes and I gotta make her happy) the second was egg,mushroom,onion,peppers and CoJack cheese number three was...
  12. nwbhoss

    Chicken,ribs and pulled pork!!!

    I had a party with my diesel truck club last weekend and a few guys (who are members here) fired up our smokers for the pot luck. Here is what we did. Mark Smith made a huge batch of awesome ribs and NWDave made pulled pork and a big batch of baked beans and cole slaw!!! I made a couple kinds of...
  13. nwbhoss

    Smoked Chicken with Q-view

    Last weekend I had a big party with a group of my Diesel truck friends and a few of us (who are all members here) did some smoking for the pot luck I did a bunch of chicken and tried a new way of doing it. I did a about 7lbs of boneless skinless breast meat and about the same ammount of...
  14. nwbhoss

    Which meat grinder to buy??????

    I am looking at a couple different meat grinders on e-bay and wanted to see if anyone has used either of these or has any input on what brand or type to buy? I looked for a food processing area and did not see one so I posted here. Please feel free to move to the correct area if needed. Here are...
  15. nwbhoss

    I FINALLY found a tank!!!!!!!!!! Actually two of them

    Well my search is over!!!!!!!!!! A few days ago while driving North to look at a wrecked truck I was helping a guy with I noticed a small Propane outfit with a bunch of old tanks in one part of their yard. SOOOOO I was telling my buddy Ben we need to check this out and see if we can score a...
  16. nwbhoss

    Yoshida's Chicken Q-View

    I marinaded some boneless skinless Chicken thighs in Yoshida's and minced garlic and tossed em in the smoker with Alder @225* and mopped them with the leftover Yoshida's. They turned out great!!!! After some TBS and done
  17. nwbhoss

    Great place sauces ect... Pickled Garlic!!!!!

    A couple members have asked me where I get my Pickled habanero garlic for my ABT's and this is the place http://www.garlicgourmay.com/ They have great stuff. Just thought I would share a good thing. This is a local Washington state company and they have booths at the fairs ect..... I have used...
  18. nwbhoss

    Another turkey with Q-view

    This is my second turkey (I did this one for a friend) he had an extra turkey from Thanksgiving and asked me smoke it for him. It was a big bird 20lbs so I was a little leary but he brined it for 24 hours and I got the smoker ready at 7:00am @260* and we tossed it in after adding some Huges dry...
  19. nwbhoss

    My first ABT's with Q-View!!!!!!!!!!

    I cannot believe how the more stuff I smoke the more I like it The ABT's turned out great!!!!!!!!!! I used all Japaleno peppers and made the stuffing with.... Cream Cheese Cheddar Cheese some seeds from the peppers several cloves of Habanero pickled garlic this stuff is the goods!!!!! mixed...
  20. nwbhoss

    Please help me find a tank or two!!!!

    I am deserately trying to find tanks to build a couple smokers. I am in Arlington Washington but willing to travel if I have to. I am looking for at least two 250 gallon (appoximate) and two 50 gallon for fire boxes. I have searched all over locally with no luck. If any of you know anyplace I...
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