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    Breakfast ribs

    Hello everyone, havent asked a question in quite some time, but I am trying something new. I ate at a pancake house here iin MN and they had breakfast ribs on the menu - straight up tasted like bacon on the rib, it was fantaastic. I am trying to replicate the food. I can't find any info out...
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    Easter ham

    Hello all- Question for the masses. I am going to cure and smoke my first leg to make a ham for Easter. I did my first bacon a month ago or so and turned out fantastic. For this project I am trying to find a little information. I found one recipe that uses Tender Quick with a 3 cup for 2...
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    Anyone awake?

    Hello smokers! working a smoke right now - 1:38 my time here in MN (i'm off tomorrow) I didn't have a lot of time to prepare my Butt tonight - wife called and said we were having people over on Saturday and she wanted some pulled pork...I got her on at 6pm and the temp is now 166* almost...
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    15# Turkey

    Hello- I have been up and down the poultry section and now have more questions than answers. Should I brine her, do I split her, do I just stick her in the smoker and go? How long should I plan on a 15# bird? I will be using lump charcoal with cherry/apple wood chunks...tasted great with...
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    MN competitions

    I have been all over the net trying to find any local BBQ competitions. Does anyone at all know of any good "small" competitions? I want to try a small guy to see if it is as much fun as I think it is. Any ideas??
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    Which is better for pulled pork

    Looking to do a shoulder/Butt to pull along with my Brisket this weekend - any opinions on which is better? I am also assuming that Brisket and Pork will be smoked in the same way (as far as heat and lenght of time...allowing for more time because of more meat) Thoughts?
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    I am going to do a brisket for the Friday meal after turkey day - problem is we are going out of town for turkey day and won't have my smoker. What is the best way to preserve brisket after it being smoked? My original plan is to smoke it Saturday night to Sunday and then freezing it right...
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    test signature

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    Drying peppers

    Wondering if anyone has used a smoker as a dehydrator - I have a bunch of hot peppers I would like to dry and therefore preserve for the winter any ideas? (I assume it would be a "dry" smoke with no water pan)
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    Smoking question

    What is the general thought when it comes to water pans for smoking. I have tried it on most everything becasue I was worried about drying food out - but as I've been soping my meats, I don't think that would be an issue Just want any ideas...I did a couple searches but many different topics...
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    Where to find different wood

    I need help finding a local or somewhat local place to buy smokin' wood. All I can find is hockory and mesquite - I like those, but I want to get into fruit woods and some others. I have tried the net but have found shipping to be a real pocket book pinch! Does anyone have any ideas - I am in...
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    New to site

    Hello everyone - I am new to the site, and a relatively new smoker - been on it for about a year or so. I have a Brinnkmann Smoke'n Pit Pitmaster deluxe - I've had it for a month or so. (started with a charbroil vertical smoker) Just getting my feet wet, but finding it difficult in the...
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