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  1. polishmeat

    Craigslist SCORE - WSM for $40

    Hey Guys! Was browsing Craigslist during a break at work, and just happened to come across an ad, 20 minutes after the guy posted it.   It's the 18.5 model, and going from the date code (DU), it's from 2002, so missing the thermometer, and I'm sure some other bells and whistles.  Here are...
  2. polishmeat

    proper rack order for different meats in an upright masterbilt electric?

    If it were me, I would put the butt and brisket on the 2 top racks as you mentioned.  Don't know what type of smoker you have, but typically the upper racks get more heat than the lower ones, so you can get both:  the butt basting the ribs underneath, and potentially a faster cook.  I think the...
  3. polishmeat

    Something up with CHAT

    FYI - something's up with CHAT, won't fully load room
  4. polishmeat

    18" Weber Smoker - NIB with cover for $200 (CHICAGO - Craigslist) - UPDATED $175 as of 12/8

    UPDATE 12/8 - It's only $175 now:  http://chicago.craigslist.org/chc/for/2742382234.html ---------------------
  5. polishmeat

    help finding recipe index site

    Guys, i remember seeing links to a website that had thousands of recipes. This site was a no frills setup, with no graphics, only simple links, thats the only way I can describe it. You would click on a link, "appetizers" for example, and it would take you to a huge list. anyone know where this...
  6. polishmeat

    Anyone smoke Cigars?

    So I've started smoking cigars just recently, and kinda like it when I'm relaxing and tending to the smoker. Anyone else here smoke em? I've tried the Acid's and they're great, and a Oliva V series, and a couple of Punch ones. Sorry to post this here, just wanted to see if anyone could...
  7. polishmeat

    4/20 Canadian Bacon Smoke w/Qview

    Wanted to celebrate the beautiful working from home day, so I have some canadian bacon on the smoker, and a spare rib slab. I halved the loin into 2lb pieces, and cured with TQ, along with some pepper. Sat in the fridge 7 days, then rinsed, and soaked for 2 hours. Rubbed down with coarse black...
  8. polishmeat

    Baby Backs with Q/View

    Working from home today, so decided to treat myself to a slab. Will be using apple wood, smoking at 225-250. Using some new Lysander's pork rub I picked up, as well as some Famous Daves rib but, and Strawberry's Grand Champion seasoning that I got from Rivet (great stuff). Will post progress pics
  9. polishmeat

    First Buckboard Bacon attempt w/Qview

    Doing my first buckboard bacon on the GOSM today. Started off with about a 6lb butt, which I deboned, and split into about 2.5 lb pieces. Trimmed some of the fat off. I cured it for 6 days, using 1TB TQ, 1TB Brown Sugar, and 1/2 TB fresh ground black pepper per pound on the bigger piece, and...
  10. polishmeat

    Got a great deal on a used Weber LP Grill

    I couldn't resist it, so drove up to the guy's house and beat everyone else to it. The thing is in great condition, just need to make some new flavorizer bars. Came with 2 full tanks!! I couldn't justify buying a brand new one for $650.
  11. polishmeat

    Raw 18lb Ham with skin - Questions

    Hello all, So just bought be a 18lb raw ham for .99/lb and want to hot smoke it for Easter. After some searching around on here, I have a couple of questions: I want to wet cure it with Prague Cure #1. How long in the fridge and what other ingredients besides the cure itself? I can start the...
  12. polishmeat

    New "Easy Access" GOSM w/BassProView

    I went to the local Bass Pro shop to grab a 3/8 plate for my grinder, and remembered to snap a couple cell pics of the new GOSM with dual drawers for water and chip pan. Just wanted to share with you guys. After checking it out thoroughly, these are the new features I noticed: - 2 drawers for...
  13. polishmeat

    Polish Sausage Recipes

    Hey guys, I've been visiting a polish forum that's devoted to smoking (www.wedlinydomowe.com), kinda like this site. It has lots of useful information, but I did notice they have a different style of smoking, etc. Anyways - I thought I would pass along the sausage recipe section, which is in...
  14. polishmeat

    Package from Rivet!

    Was like a little kid awaiting this one from Rivet (John). Kept checking FedEx tracking, so I can run outside to open up this little treasure chest. This was my first exchange on SMF, and a great one at that. Well here's the contents: Curley's Smoky BBQ Sauce Curley's Hickory BBQ Sauce...
  15. polishmeat

    Package from Desertlites

    Was not expecting this! Somehow Bob (desertlites) found out my address and mailed me a package 'o goodies. Must have "ins" with the local Sheriff or something. Got the package several days ago, but just getting around to posting pics now, with all the last minute shopping and stuff to take...
  16. polishmeat

    Grilled Orange Marmalade Sriracha Wings w/Qview

    Read about this in a previous post, and being the wing fanatic that I have recently become, I couldn't pass it up. It consists of an orange marmalade, honey, sriracha, and brown sugar glaze that you dip your wings into, and return to the grill/smoker during the last 20-30 mins of...
  17. polishmeat

    I want to trade!

    Hey guys - I want to trade some stuff if anyone is interested. I'm up for anything: spices, sauces, good beers, etc. The last exchange post on the forum (raspberry heffeweizen) finally "inspired" me. I already posted before, but just haven't gotten around to doing it yet. I'm from Chicago -...
  18. polishmeat

    MES for sale Black Friday at Bass Pro Shop

    All, Not sure who may or may not know about the Bass Pro Shop Black Friday deal on a MES, but it will be on sale from 229 to 129! Check out the ad: http://www.blackfriday.fm/product/ma...ic-smoker/8781 -polish
  19. polishmeat

    Baby Backs on the GOSM

    Hey guys, I got 2 slabs of Baby Backs on the GOSM. they are really really meaty, and have been smoking them for 4 hours so far. 3 hours naked, and 1 foiled. I peeked and notice that they are still not pulling back much and just have that look that tells me they need longer time. Smoking at...
  20. polishmeat

    First Injection trial on a smoked beer butt Chicken

    Hey Guys, Went to the local Bass Pro Shop today and picked up some goodies, including Cherry and Apple wood chips, and some Cajun Butter injection marinade. Never injected anything yet, so we'll see what happens. Seasoned the outside with Famous Daves Rost Chicken seasoning and some cajun...
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