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  1. smokerjim

    Small Prime Rib (Cherry Dust)

    Looks like some good eats there bear!
  2. smokerjim

    Prime Packer Brisket, Extreme Hot-n-Fast

    Looking good, Pulling up a chair
  3. smokerjim

    First Time Brisket and First Time Butt...at the same time!!

    You can do the butt days in advance if you need to also make sure to pull it the day you smoke it after it rest for a while
  4. smokerjim

    Featured pork shoulder

    Looks great
  5. smokerjim

    First Time Brisket and First Time Butt...at the same time!!

    If it were me I would do the pork ahead of time if possible and reheat it the day of party.
  6. smokerjim

    Skewered Bacon Wrapped Sirloin Filet W / Veggies (Pics)

    looks like another great meal Robert!
  7. smokerjim

    Long Distance Covid job

    looks pretty tasty from here, ya should drove a little further and dropped some off for me! sounds like ya had a busy weekend.
  8. smokerjim

    Sausages ~ Foamheart

    looks excellent, glad everything went good, not to often everything goes smooth.
  9. smokerjim

    Backstrap Dried Beef (July 2020)

    Looks great bear, going to have to try this when I get my deer this year.
  10. smokerjim

    The Other White Meat

    Looks pretty darn good from here Warren
  11. smokerjim

    Jerk Pork Kabobs

    They look fantastic Joe
  12. smokerjim

    Best Deep Dish Pizza Yet - Heavy Q'View

    That is a good looking pizza John
  13. smokerjim


    Clods are good,
  14. smokerjim

    How to set up an offset to cook overnight?

    Get your neighbor to watch it:emoji_wink:
  15. smokerjim

    Freezing leftover ribs?

    i thaw them out reheat in oven 275-300 in a baking dish covered, i usually add a little water or apple juice, takes about 1 hour
  16. smokerjim

    Patio Breakfast

    looks great Ray, ya must have had a jacket on for that 95 isn't that little on the chilly side for some of those temps your reaching.
  17. smokerjim

    Is bark on the wood a problem

    when i used my offset if it was loose and falling i would remove it if not i left it on.
  18. smokerjim

    GIVEAWAY for Inkbird New Product Digital Instant Read Thermometer BG-HHIC

    congrats bbqbrett, i sure you'll enjoy it
  19. smokerjim

    Clayton, NY 1000 Islands

    nice pics Steve,now i'm jealous. i used to do alot of fishing in that area mostly near cape vincent and further up near alexandria bay. beautiful area
  20. smokerjim

    SV to Grill--Pork CSRs (Bone in from Shoulder)

    looks excellent bear, going to have to try that pineapple teriyaki stuff it does sound good
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