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  1. pushok2018

    First bread

    Nice looking bread! Like the crust... Any chance you can share the recipe?
  2. pushok2018

    Lotsa Tomatoes!

    Oh, man... Those Bruschettas look absolutely fantastic!
  3. pushok2018

    Loin Hams , Dave's injection .

    Very-very nice looking loin..... Beautiful color. Looks absolutely delicious... As soon as pork loin is on sale in my local supermarkets - I am going to do the same - I am talking about additions of italian spices..... Starting two years ago I am using Pop's brine only for brining ..... Thank...
  4. pushok2018

    Freezing leftover ribs?

    The same here.... Sometimes I SV-ed them at 160F but this takes longer....
  5. pushok2018

    SV sous vide corn on the cob

    I have to admit that I am one of those who missed it by whatever reason.... Aam going to try it this week. Thank you for the advice!
  6. pushok2018

    Hi, from SE Penna.

    Welcome from NorCal!
  7. pushok2018

    Jeffs Rub

    The same here. Love both of Jeff's rubs and the sauce too.
  8. pushok2018

    Apple Pie Baby Backs! with plenty of pics!

    Aaron, you nailed it!! Looks awesome! Like!
  9. pushok2018


    Looks nice! Love fried catfish.... Looks like sous chef was very helpful during the cook... :emoji_wink:
  10. pushok2018

    Thunder Thighs

    Wow! That is fire starting in my mouth and going all the way down!!! I am wondering if beer helps....:emoji_wink: but looks nice!
  11. pushok2018

    sausage stuffer questions

    Ditto on this!!
  12. pushok2018

    My Friend Pauls Jerky

    Hmm.... Somehow I missed this thread... Thank you for sharing! I just started to marinate 3,5 # of beef to make some jerky. I would definitely use this recipe but.... next time. Anyways, about a pound of jerky (after drying) won't last too long! Thank you again!
  13. pushok2018


    Brian, looks delicious! This is exactly what I can have: breadless cheesesteak... Oh, BTW... that bottle looks goooood! I couldn't find it locally though....
  14. pushok2018

    Featured Winging it!

    Yummy-yummy!Looks great!
  15. pushok2018

    Mill Grinder suggestion

    Oh, absolutely! Everything is washed, rinsed and boiled for 15 minutes. Then dried in the oven... and in the garage till they are completely dry.
  16. pushok2018

    Mill Grinder suggestion

    I have KRUPS coffee grinder (to grind spices) and tried to make eggshell powder using it - not even close to the powder consistency.... It grinds shell into very small practicals but not to powder... I'll try Mr.Coffee grinder but still not very optimistic with the final result. Thank you...
  17. pushok2018

    Mill Grinder suggestion

    Thank you, boykjo.... Coffee grinder or food processor won't work because those devices grind and chop producing coarse product which won't be absorbed by dog's digestive system. I need to get a powder from eggshell. Literally eggshell flour, which I was able to get using old mill. I would by...
  18. pushok2018

    Mill Grinder suggestion

    Well... This is not exactly about bread or grain grinding but rather about egg shell grinding. We have to grind egg shell to produce some calcium as a supplement to feed our dogs and we were somewhat successful for about 4 years. We ordered this mill from Amazon 4 years ago and it was in a...
  19. pushok2018

    Chicken and ribs!

    Everything looks fantastic! Nice Sunday dinner.
  20. pushok2018

    NW Iowa

    Welcome to SMF from NorCal! I like your smoker... Wondering, how much meat it can hold?
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