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  1. get2

    Bulk Spices, who do you get them from?

    I have been enjoying the new hobby of smoking meat and other things for a few months now.  I want to know where most of you who do this often, obtain your spices for rubs, marinades and other tasty creations?  I have been buying from a local grocery store in pre-packaged jars, but it is quite...
  2. get2

    Thanksgiving Ideas

    Ok, I am smoking another turkey for Thanksgiving and want to do a fattie to accompany the bird in the smoker.  What are some suggestions to go with for a Thanksgiving style? 
  3. get2

    Practice bird with ABT and Qview

    Brined overnight, and smoked for 5 1/2 hours.  thanks for the info
  4. get2

    Gobble Gobble questions

    When smoking a turkey, do you all place the bird on the top or lower rack?  Also, how would you all suggest to cook something else with the bird (abt, fattie..)  Where should they go.  WSM 18.5" smoker
  5. get2

    Greetings from SC

    New to the forum, just got the Weber Smokey Mountain smoker and I am looking forward to learning alot quickly.  On the docket for this week will be a practice turkey for Thanksgiving.  I want to know what meat thermometers you guys suggest for a newbie?  Thanks in advance.
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