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  1. oddegan

    A perfect summer Sunday dinner!

    Finishing off a weekend full of pickling and canning quarts of bread and butter and pints of zucchini relish. Tri-tip on the Weber. Also having fun testing out White River Knives new step up fillet for them. So far very impressed with it. Trimming and boning are a breeze. Need to really put...
  2. oddegan

    Sunday Patty Melts

    Had some chorizo left over from stuffing and I wondered what to do with it. Decided on making a little different patty melt. Bacon around the outside then a layer of ground beef followed by the chorizo and cheese. More chorizo. More beef. Perfect with the pretzel buns and salad with...
  3. oddegan

    Sunday Funny

    This made me laugh and I thought I should share.
  4. oddegan

    Spring is finally here

    Finally had a weekend where it wasn't raining, the temp was over 50, and I didn't have a crap ton of running around to do. It felt outstanding to just have a Sunday to do what I wanted. Bottled up 16 Imperial pints of orange chocolate Porter (Yes, I know, not really a summer beer but it's...
  5. oddegan

    Palm Sunday Grilling

    For your enjoyment. Putting some stuffed peppers on the grill. Just another beautiful spring day here in the Mitten! 7 inches so far.
  6. oddegan

    Sunday Braided Pork Loin

    Lots to do this weekend but the weather was nice enough that I had to get at least the gasser working. I trimmed and split a pork loin into 2 fillets and brined in a little TQ and water. The first one was coated in Sweet Baby Ray's and the second in Sriracha. It was great off the...
  7. oddegan

    More Utopenci

    Making another batch of Utopenci. This time with about 4 pounds of homemade Vienna's. Lots of garlic, some small onions, Anaheim and habanero. All ready for a long nap in the fridge. See you in two weeks little sausages.
  8. oddegan

    Cold day for smoking

    - 7 when I put these in the MES-30. Running 275 with my own rub over maple chunks. We will see how long it takes. I think the high for today in my part of the Mitten is 5 degrees.
  9. oddegan

    No Birds Here!

    No turkeys for Christmas dinner at Jared's house. SWMBO wanted something from the grill. Cut inch and a half chops from a pork loin and molasses brined them. Beer brined the rest of it. Garlic shrimp and some beautiful fillet mignon two inches thick with a light sprinkle of SPOG. Thanks for...
  10. oddegan

    Christmas Finker

    It's been a while since I've had a chance to post. Way to much going on. Things have finally settled and I had a chance to take an afternoon and have some fun. Christmas is just around the corner so it was time to make some Finker. This is something we always had during the holidays growing up...
  11. oddegan

    Bacon Grease Gingersnaps!

    My son moves into his dorm tomorrow and his mother asked him if he wanted any homemade goodies to take with him. He told her that he wanted "those bacon grease cookies". As she was making them I decided that they are just to good not to share and I know many folks on here are always looking for...
  12. oddegan

    Sunday Grilled Loin Chops

    End of a weird week and the start of another my wife and I needed some serious relax time. Decided to brine some hand cut boneless pork loin chops and toss them on the Weber. I had a couple of jalapenos I needed to use so ham and cheese ABT's as well. Some cucumber salad and a few of...
  13. oddegan

    Homemade Vienna

    Sometimes it's hard to beat the simple things. Some homemade Vienna sausages on the grill. Onions, homemade pub mustard and some slaw. That hit the spot! Except my wife put catsup all over hers! But I still love her. I guess.
  14. oddegan

    It Begins!

    Oh boy! The excitement and anxiety of the big cook. Once again it's time for the big annual BBQ my wife and I host. Someone sometime dubbed it the Festival Of Meat and that's what it has become. 7 pound brisket and 10 pound butt are on! So much more to follow.
  15. oddegan

    Jared's (Mexican) Chorizo Recipe

    For those who are interested this is the recipe I use for my Mexican Chorizo. This is the bulk style NOT the Spanish dry cured style. Totally different critters! Per pound of good fatty pork butt 1.5 tbs smoked paprika 1.5 tsp ground cumin 1 tsp salt 1 tsp granulated garlic 1 tsp granulated...
  16. oddegan

    Stuffed Onions

    I was getting things out of the freezer to thaw for the big BBQ this weekend and I kept chasing a pack of chorizo around. Inspiration struck. Stuffed Onions! I cut the top and bottom off of a couple Vidalias and cut partway into them to separate layers off. I used a smaller piece to make a...
  17. oddegan

    Braided Pork Loin

    Thank you @mneeley490 for this great idea! Saw your belly post and someone mentioned doing it with pork loin. I'm not the biggest fan of belly (except for you bacon, you will always be tops). But pork loin. Now you're talking. Test driving the idea for making it for the Festival Of Meat next...
  18. oddegan

    Devilled Tri-tip

    One of the things I smoked for the 4th was a big Tri-tip and I had about a pound left over. Gears started turning. Always loved devilled ham growing up and have been making it out of my back bacon heels for a while now. Great stuff. Idea. Devilled Tri-tip. Ran it through the fine plate on the...
  19. oddegan

    Upcoming Holiday Posts.

    I find I'm very much looking forward to seeing posts on all the outstanding smokes happening this 4th of July. Anybody else?
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