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    Are digital controllers the same?

    I have been looking into A-LOT of controllers and they all have the same duties - auger, fire, fan, power and under hood temp. It seems they all even have the same connectors. The only difference I see is wire color. At the risk of loosing $60, rather than asking the forum, is there any...
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    PID or not to PID

    you guys are absolutely right. I feel as if I just told someone I'm a race car driver... well? what kind of race car/truck? what kind of terrain? and at what speeds? One race vehicle doesn't make you a master racer of vehicles. Your input has helped me to realize this and it's exciting to know...
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    PID or not to PID

    50 lbs of salmon left and that doesn't include the shelf of Halibut ... Guess I can hone my skills by the time it gone
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    PID or not to PID

    Great pic's. and you're absolutely right... Salmon had ok smoke flavor before the PID but was done in 45 min. and little to no taste after (tasted mostly the brine) Maybe when it matters I'll resort to my well broken in stand up propane box. Glad I didn't get rid of it - It does an awesome job...
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    PID or not to PID

    Interesting... I guess I'll give one of the tubes a try. My salmon is so delicate that with the temp swings they're done before the smoke has a chance to set in... and if everybody is getting better flavor with AMNPS, who am I to cut against the grain Thanks for the useful information
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    PID or not to PID

    Hi all, I been smoking food for years in a cheap propane box I got from Amazon and mastered it (the best one can do) but after seeing my sister set her Treager pellet grill and cook a pork butt for 8 hours perfectly, I decided to give a pellet grill a go. So, I bought a ZGrills 700e because of...
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