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  1. mosparky

    I have My Orders

    Having the friday after Thanksgiving off, and the she beast being pre-occupied with Black Friday, left me unsupervised. It was the perfect opportunity. Smoked up a Butt Ham and some Buck Board Bacon. The hardest part was waiting the 3 days for the Ham to rest and mellow. I was waiting for a...
  2. mosparky

    Enterprise Stuffer ?

    I have yet to get a stuffer. With the more recent political climate and tariffs or threats there of, prices are climbing sharply and quickly on the cheaper entry level stuffers. Now I find that old cast iron stuffers are about the same price or cheaper than the cheaply built Chinese made...
  3. mosparky

    Kidney Plate ?

    I recently got a TSM branded #12 grinder https://www.sausagemaker.com/12-Kitchen-Meat-Grinder-Black-p/15-1133.htm and haven't even unpacked it yet. The discriptions on most grinders would lead one to think the kidney plate is ONLY for stuffing off the grinder, I think they usually call them a...
  4. mosparky

    Bacon Drippings ?

    I'm just getting started trying to bake bacon. Experimenting with time and temps. My question is whether the drippings are worth saving for seasoning. It seems that not having the minute particles left from frying, the drippings would taste like little more than just grease or maybe lard. So...
  5. mosparky

    Something to watch for

    I was looking at the Masterbuilt site to see what promotions they might have going on and noticed they have a new Electric smoker coming out. The MES 400. Interesting looking unit. They added a second element on top like a broiler. I suppose this is the "Finishing/Grilling" feature refered to...
  6. mosparky

    Collagen question

    I'm getting close to ready to stuff my own sausages at home. Breakfast links are high on the list as they will help getting the she-beast on board with this new interest. In order to seal the deal, I'd like to make them look as much like store bought as possible, that means small diameter...
  7. mosparky

    Into the deep end

    Well the store I work at was bought out by the competition. I did get to keep my job, hrs and pay, but kinda got screwed in other ways. It could have been much worse so I am thankful for what they let us keep and optimistic as to where the "new" company is going. During the previous owners sell...
  8. mosparky

    TP-01 ?

    I guess I'm in the market for a new instant read therm. I have a cheapo Weber branded unit that seems to have lasted about a year. Tonight I did some burgers on the grill and when I probed them, the therm said they were at 110*. The juices were flowing clear, so I knew they were well over 110*...
  9. mosparky

    Spicing it up

    One of my biggest hold ups in starting this hobby has been spices. You guys are using a lot of stuff beyond my daily usage. SPOG is a mainstay but this other stuff...I checked them on-line and compared to grocery store prices. Major difference. In some cases they were as much as 75% lower than...
  10. mosparky

    Brine injection technique ?

    I guess this is as good a place as any to put this. What is the technique for injecting brine, be it a curing brine or seasoning brine ? Do you place the needle and inject like you are trying to create a puddle or extract the needle as you inject to create a trail ? I've only tried it once...
  11. mosparky

    Burnt End question

    Maybe a stupid question, but when y'all make these burnt ends are you using green bellies or cured ?
  12. mosparky

    Muslin Question

    Recent posts reminded me to ask "Do you or can you re-use muslin bags ?" Do you just discard them due to the low cost not being worth the effort to clean and sanitize them ?
  13. mosparky

    Tasso Questions

    Somehow I got interested in Tasso. Seems most are using Len Poli's recipe. The curing has me slightly confused. It appears you mix the cure 1 in with the rest of the seasonings and apply to the Pork (beef). I question if I am to trust that the cure is evenly distributed throughout the blend and...
  14. mosparky

    curious about curing chamber build

    I am curious about all these chamber builds. How do you know where NOT to drill holes in your fridge/mini fridge ? I'd hate to start punching holes only to hear the tell tale hiss of a refridgerant leak.
  15. mosparky

    Kitchener discontinued

    I have been putting family first and therefore putting off getting a grinder. I have watched the Kitchener at Northern tool closely and recently noticed it is no longer available. I hit the chat button and was told the vendor was noted unreliable, not sure if it means late delivery or no longer...
  16. mosparky

    open up an MES Gen 2.5

    I think the temp sensor on my Gen 2.5 is shot. Maxes out at about 230. I can set to 275 but the heat light never goes out and remote therm as well as MES say about 236 at the highest. As a test I set it to 225 after I limped thru a smoke and it's been holding right at 219 to 228. Any ideas how...
  17. mosparky

    Wing problem

    I'm doing wings for the first time and set my MES to 275 deg. Being in a hurry and needing the kitchen space for other things, I put the wings in when the temp got to about 240. Now I have been watching it for an hour and the temps haven't gotten over 240. Holding at 236 pretty steady. Varified...
  18. mosparky

    Foodsaver choices UUrrrrgh

    Doing some serious shopping around for a vac sealer. Budget says Foodsaver is a stretch and VacPro is only a dream. So Foodsaver it is. What a PITA. Foodsaver site is only slightly helpful. Try to compare models and most have no features listed. I don't seem to be able to compare between this...
  19. mosparky


    Odd how one thing leads to another and how this place can corrupt ones thinking. I have been craving Humus. I am not about to pay what the Deli wants for it. So I looked on line for recipes. There I ran across something called Tahini. Now I'm side tracked to find out what that is. Then how to...
  20. mosparky

    Scale question

    I have the 0-100 gram digital scale that has been highly recommended here and couldn't be happier with it. I also have an 11 pound digital scale the wife got at a Pampered you know who (not gonna do their advertizing here) Very nice unit and very accurate. I compared it to the NTSB traceable at...
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