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  1. lumpy

    replacing elements

    If you get on the Bradley forum there are plenty of threads as to how to improve these smokers. The brackets that hold the elements have enough room to add a 2nd unit. If you have a bit of electrical knowledge, hooking it up is simple. I have since moved up to a Traeger as I found the Bradley...
  2. lumpy

    17lb brisket tomorrow

    At 205 that 17 Pounder will take forever. I would cook it at 250.
  3. lumpy

    Briskets in the GTA

    Roberts Boxed Meats in Kitchener always has at least 10 briskets on the shelf. Lumpy
  4. lumpy

    Pellets - Canada

    Where is this LumberJack dealer?
  5. lumpy

    New Toy

    It was delivered on Friday and I have gone through 2 bags of pellets already. She's broken in. Lumpy
  6. lumpy

    New Toy

    Just joined the exclusive Traeger Club!
  7. lumpy

    I would marry my Bradley if it was legal

    Bradley has their own forum, great bunch of smokers. Lumpy
  8. lumpy

    replacing elements

    I have owned Bradleys for years. I upgraded my 6 rack to a 2 element heating system. Worked great after that.
  9. lumpy

    Baptizing a Newfie

    Only a Canadian would understand that me bruder.
  10. lumpy

    Cajun Pickled Eggs & Andouille

    Reminds me of Lumpy's jalapeno smoked pickled eggs eh!
  11. lumpy


    If you can get it, try the Crown Royal Honey.
  12. lumpy

    Fleischkäse/ Leberkäse

    Hummel, Hummel. Looks great
  13. lumpy

    Butterball Turkey

    Thanks guys, Appreciate the quick reply. Lumpy
  14. lumpy

    Butterball Turkey

    Has anyone smoked a "Butterball"? Thanks
  15. lumpy

    Traeger Options

    Go look at the Traeger website. They have a great video on the D2 drive system.
  16. lumpy

    Trager Timberline 850 feedback

    Great to know. Thanks
  17. lumpy

    Trager Timberline 850 feedback

    Hi all, After 30 years of smoking, I have just ordered a Trager Timberline 850 and was wondering if I could get some feedback from the members on this unit. Thanks in advance. Lumpy
  18. lumpy

    Ontario Smoker

    Feels good to be back
  19. lumpy

    Ontario Smoker

    Hi all, Just thought I would say hi and introduce myself. Lived the last 5 years in KY but just moved back to my home in Ontario. I have been smoking for over 30 years and wore 3 Bradley smokers out. Sold my smoker in KY and have just ordered a Trager Timberline 850. You name it, I have smoked...
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