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    First pastrami- greyish center?

    Greetings all, Finished my first pastrami! It tastes great and is family approved :) BUT not perfect. 10 days in cure (I used the bacon cure calculator on here and cure #1, flipped daily) cut a corner and cooked it up to taste for salt and soaked it two hours in cold water. Smoked at 250 to an...
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    Brisket! First time not wrapping...

    Greetings all, Planing to cut the point off a brisket and smoke it (the rest of the brisket will be pastrami) unwrapped. This will be my first unwrapped brisket. I have a MES. Does anyone have any advice when smoking unwrapped in an electric smoker? Does anyone use a “boat”? I am planing to...
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    First time smoked sausage is a success!

    My husband and I just made our first round of bratwurst. We used a commercial kit. The flavor is good, but not what I would call bratwurst (maybe it’s a regional thing?) anyhoo, it’s still good sausage! I have a few questions: 1. Does anyone have a good rule of thumb for how dense to hang...
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    Braseola finished. Too dry? Smelly?!

    Greetings all, My first dry cure project is done. Over done I fear. Pretty darn hard. It was left in the fridge a week longer than planned. However, I still want to try it. My husband thinks it smells rotten. It does have a smell but it’s a funky, slightly off smell I’ve come to associate with...
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    Dry cure chamber: humidity issues

    Greetings all, New to dry cure. I have a wine fridge equipped with a small fan, mini humidifier and two small containers of salt. There is no defrost cycle in my fridge. I have my first project, braceola, hanging. This is the beginning of week 2. There is some white powdery mold starting to...
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