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  1. J

    Mailbox Mod with AMNPS Tray halfway bunrout

    Hey guys, sorry if this has been covered but I've searched and can't seem to find anything on my particular issue. My 5x8 AMNPS Tray burns perfect with dust but when I use pellets it goes out halfway through the maze. Every time it goes out exactly halfway through. I'm using pellets for more...
  2. J

    Double Smoked Ham ?

    Do you prefer a shank or butt and why?
  3. J

    Need help with AMNPS

    How full so you fill the AMNPS tray when using dust? Mine keeps burning dirty even sitting outside and not inside of any unit. I’ve nuked my dust and even elevated the tray. But I’m still getting black ash after burning and not the white ash. The smell of the smoke resembles bad creosote as...
  4. J

    Why is the mailbox mod better for MES

    I'm just curious what the advantages are and if it is worth me doing it. I've been using my MES for over two years without the mod. Just trying to see what I may be missing out on.
  5. J

    Where are you buying your sawdust?

    I’m trying to find the best place to buy my dust online? Nowhere in my town sells it.
  6. J

    Mail Box Mod question

    I've searched all over and can't find a tutorial on how to do this. I'm trying to figure out how the elbow is attached to the mailbox. I'm a newbie to this site been lurking for a long time. I guess people are using a 3" hole saw? Then not sure how to attach. Thank you for any feedback.
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