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  1. smokin stang

    Green Wood

    Anyone see a problem using green wood as long as you burn it down to red coals in a seperate box than your pit and then add it to your pit adding a piece of seasoned wood every now and then? Any problems with creosote or taste doing it this way?  
  2. smokin stang

    Boneless Country style Pork Ribs

    Can anyone tell me what the best way to smoke these individual pieces on the smoker ? Is there a method like the 3-2-1 for example?
  3. smokin stang


  4. smokin stang

    Checking Temperature on Chicken

    Where is the safest place to check the temperature on a chicken and make sure it is done? If your temperature reads 165 in the breast is the whole chicken done?
  5. smokin stang

    Water Pan

    Does everyone agree that the water pan is pretty much just for heat stabilization and not for making the meat moist? I was going to smoke some split breasts today without the water pan.
  6. smokin stang

    Everything You Need For Sausage Making

    The SausageMaker Incorporated has all kinds of supplies for making sausage. Their website is www.sausagemaker.com and their phone number is 1-888-490-8525. They send out free catalogues as well. Did not see the link posted under Other Resources but I am sure it is in the Sausage Section...
  7. smokin stang

    Chamber Temperatures for Ribs

    Are there any disadvantages of smoking ribs at a lower temperature 200* vs 225-230*?
  8. smokin stang

    Electric Knife

    I am looking to buy a nice durable electric knife for carving and slicing through frozen foods such a ribs. Can anyone recommend one?
  9. smokin stang

    Bad Byron's Butt Rub

    Anyone ever tried Bad Byron's Butt Rub? What's the verdict on this rub?
  10. smokin stang


    Anyone have a FoodSaver? I have been looking at these and just dying to get one. There are several models available and I was just curious what you all thought about them. Dave
  11. smokin stang

    Pork Spare Ribs

    Should the ribs be place in the smoker meat side down and then flipped to meat side up after a certain time? Or, do they need to be bone side down for the 3-2-1 duration? Which method will produce the most tender ribs?
  12. smokin stang

    Meat Slicer

    Can anyone recommend a nice affordable meat slicer?
  13. smokin stang

    Boneless Skinless Turkey Breast Roast

    Doing 3 boneless skinless turkey breast roasts today in the smoker. Have rubbed them down with olive oil and coated them with different rubs. What is the best temperature to smoke these at? Some say cook them fast others say slow. What do you guys think?
  14. smokin stang

    Heinz 57 Steak Sauce

    Has anyone been able to duplicate the Heinz 57 Sauce recipe? I have tried the recipes on the internet and just can't figure it out. If anyone has the secret ingredients please post the recipe.
  15. smokin stang

    Smoked Cheese Time

    The other day I smoked some cheddar and pepper cheese chunks with hickory for 1 hour at 90-100* It was pretty stout with smoke. How long would you have to smoke these cheeses with a fruit wood such as cherry or apple to get some medium smoke flavor on the cheese?
  16. smokin stang

    Boneless Skinless Turkey Breast Roast

    This weekend I am going to smoke some butterball boneless skinless turkey breast roasts. Can anyone recommend a killer brine and what is the best mop or spray for keeping the skinless turkey breast roast moist?
  17. smokin stang

    Best woods for smoking pork shoulders?

    Smoking a pork shoulder tomorrow morning and was just curious what the best wood/woods are to use?
  18. smokin stang

    1st Pork Shoulder

    Tomorrow morning I am smoking my first pork shoulder picnic roast. Today, I rubbed the pork shoulder down with Jeff's Naked Rib Rub and when I pull it out of the fridge tomorrow morning I am going to rub it down with mustard then re-apply Jeff's rub. I am planning on putting it in the smoker...
  19. smokin stang

    Pork Chops

    Can anyone tell me what's the best temperature to take pork chops out of the smoker? Thanks
  20. smokin stang

    Anyone had any luck smoking shrimp?

    Anyone had any luck with smoking shrimp on their propane smoker? I have marinated some shrimp in italian dressing and am going to smoke some today along with three meatloafs, twenty atomic buffalo turds, and three Jimmy Dean fatty's.
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