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  1. Murray

    How to clean tube

    I just use a small wire brush, a little bigger than a toothbrush. The discolouration is due to heat from starting and from the pellets.
  2. Murray

    TP19 Availability in Canada

    Not that I’m aware of but some suppliers are sponsors on this forum and I believe offer discounts from time to time.
  3. Murray

    TP19 Availability in Canada

    I reached out to ThermoPro asking why their Instant Read TP19 wasn’t available in Canada, their reply was: Hello, The TP19 should be available in Amazon Canada in the near future. Sincerely, Customer Service Representative ThermoPro
  4. Murray

    Lang Smokers for sale

    There will be a search feature, search “for sale” or just post what you are looking for, they will come to you.
  5. Murray

    Pulled pork

    No snow and open water in the background. Looks like a quiet setting. Good looking diner.
  6. Murray

    Switch to electric smoker?

    That’s what I thought till my son-in-law stuffed a large brisket in my little MES 30. He just grabbed it and squeezed it in. The brisket was tight against both sides and the back, the corners were free, so much for allowing airflow around the racks. As cooking progressed the brisket did pull...
  7. Murray

    Cutting 2 of the 4 fan blades off auger motor

    Too funny, my daughter had a project on breast cancer... All joking aside I do like the idea of attaching something that vibrates should the car wax not work out.
  8. Murray

    Is my bacon ok

    First of all I have never used a WSM so I maybe way off base here. Could you not add a number of pre lit briquettes to warm up the WSM, Say start with 5 and and add or subtract briquettes as needed to maintain your target temperature? Could you place a small electric heater, covered with foil...
  9. Murray

    Is my bacon ok

    Have you considered a warm smoke, get the temperature up to 60F or so to combat the high humidity and aid with evaporation?
  10. Murray

    Thanksgiving Extravaganza w heavy pics

    The organizing involved, wow. I’m lucky to get one item on the table in time for supper. Nice looking meal!
  11. Murray

    Smokehouse smoke diverter

    Nice looking smoke house, would love to see a picture of the insides. Like pops idea
  12. Murray

    MES 40 Accessories you Recomend

    I use a Black and Decker workmate, saves the back.
  13. Murray

    EAA 1 Masterbuilt Error

    We’ll see what Masterbuilt comes back with.... I’ve always planned on a PID, although they aren’t all created equal. Many are 32F and above, same as probes, 32F and warmer.
  14. Murray

    EAA 1 Masterbuilt Error

    In my case, I put a lighter 3” under the probe and the display responses instantly and I can turn on the MES, as soon as I remove the lighter,since the cabinet has no heat the temperature display drops rapidly and the unit shuts off as soon as the temperature display goes below 32F and the EAA1...
  15. Murray

    EAA 1 Masterbuilt Error

    I have the same issue, I have reached out to Masterbuilt seeing what they suggest, so far no reply. It’s a pain that we need a hair dryer to start the unit. Why is 100F the lowest temperature that can be set ? I would love to be able to set the unit at 70F for cold smoking during the winter, as...
  16. Murray

    Chocolate Covered Cherries

    Trying to figure out what we like for bacon, cold vs warm smoke, how much smoke, what salt to sugar ratio... So many variables to experiment with, I must say all of our experimentation has been delicious. I was tempted to throw a couple of the Maraschino cherries in with the bacon but the wife...
  17. Murray

    Chocolate Covered Cherries

    Helped my wife out today with Christmas preparations. Drained in the fridge overnight. Wrapped in fondant Dipped in chocolate. and finished these off, 15 hours of TBS of Bradley Pucks ground to sawdust.
  18. Murray

    MES 40 Accessories you Recomend

    A cover, the Masterbuilt cover is good for dust not so good for outside storage unless you treat it with a water repellent product. The above posts have you covered. Does your come with a wheel kit, if not then I would get one, save your back.
  19. Murray

    Funny Beef Doneness pic

    When I screw up and end up with #4 or 5 the dog is very happy. Still healthier and cheaper than dog treats.
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