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  1. Hawging It

    Shooting from the hip marinade

    Got to be real careful with Dales. I use it as a wild game marinade with different spices added. I always cut the Dales down with water otherwise it is to strong..
  2. Hawging It

    Smoked pot roast

    Oh Wow! Looks awesome!
  3. Hawging It

    First time Dino ribs

    Wow they look good. Nice plate of vittles.
  4. Hawging It

    First Deer of the year-need rib recipes

    I never save them. Total waste of effort and time. Just my take.
  5. Hawging It

    First Smoke in the Snow of the year; Chicken Thighs

    Those look very tasty. Great color on the chicks. Nice job.
  6. Hawging It

    I looked at the pic of it again. I am currently not in the market, just searching and looking at...

    I looked at the pic of it again. I am currently not in the market, just searching and looking at all the eye candy out there. I wouldn't know what all the materials and labor hours it cost to build this nice rig. Don't you think it would sell above 2,500.00?
  7. Hawging It

    Yoder Wichita vs Lang

    inking I have 2 stick burners and use them both. Big Bertha, the 1,000 pound custom monster and the 36" Bayou classic. Just thinking about a third. I would sell or giveaway the Bayou Classic. It is a quality smoker and I love it but not a high end rig. Now the Big Bertha, great rig! Would...
  8. Hawging It

    Yoder Wichita vs Lang

    Just your average Yoder or Lang. Just a reasonable, normal price range.
  9. Hawging It

    Yoder Wichita vs Lang

    Greetings. Lately I have been looking at both of these quality stick burners. Many members on the forum have one or the other. I am just curious as to which manufacturer has the best. The type I am looking for is just one that you would put on your patio or cook shed. Not one 20 feet long on a...
  10. Hawging It

    Smoked duck question

    Very simple recipe. Get a large zip lock bag and add Dales low sodium marinade. I cut mine with a little water as Dales is really strong. Add some Tony's to the mixture and let it soak for an hour. or so. Remove from the bag. Season lightly with more Tony's and black pepper . Throw on the smoker...
  11. Hawging It

    Featured Monster Tomahawk

    Mighty Fine!!!
  12. Hawging It

    What do you store your homemade BBQ sauces in?

    I have been making my homemade BBQ sauce for over 30 years. I make it a gallon at a time. When the gallon is ready, I start pouring into pint mason jars, saved pickle jars etc. All the jars, including the lids are placed in the dishwasher for a good clean. Then I fill each with the BBQ sauce...
  13. Hawging It

    Conference Champ Day Smoking

    Looks really good. Nice job!
  14. Hawging It

    Featured Rudy's BBQ inspired smoked Meatloaf

    Look at the color on that block of meat! Man that looks great! Guess what we had for supper tonight?? Meatloaf, mac and cheese, butter beans and cornbread. LOL! Oh! with good ole sweet iced tea!
  15. Hawging It

    Winco Pork Butts $.98/lb

    Great deal!!!
  16. Hawging It

    Keto Fathead Pizza night

    Looking real tasty!!
  17. Hawging It

    Pulled pork

    Man BB is one of my favorite things to throw on my stick burner. Yours looks awesome. Only thing I add to my pulled pork sandwiches is good ole sweet coleslaw. Great job!
  18. Hawging It

    I got one hell of a shock today. In a very nice way.

    That is great. I am sure it is just fine but I would take it to a qualified gunsmith and have him go through it and professionally clean it. I also buy, sell and collect rifles and pistols and have for years. Just my advice and it won't cost much either.
  19. Hawging It

    First time making bratwurst

    Post pics when done
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