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    Pricing out Brisket - Yeesh

    I hear you. I've learned for Costco you have to look carefully as they seem to like moving things around so you might buy something not on your list. Costco even had pork bellies!.
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    Pricing out Brisket - Yeesh

    That wouldn't be Highland Packers, would it? :emoji_wink: I really like shopping there for most meat purchases. As an aside, I was in Costco ( Ancaster ) on the weekend and they had briskets @ $4.80 a pound. Picked up a 10 pounder.
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    BLT Time!! (Last Round)

    We have those pans and pots as well. They are impressive.
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    UFO Spotted Over PA Bear Den

    Like Father, like Son?
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    Masterbuilt smoker died/blewup

    Here is a source for parts, based on the model number, but not perfect. Have a look and see what you think. Also, where did you see the flash? if inside the smoke cabinet, likely the element is done. https://www.appliancefactoryparts.com/gasgrillparts/brands/masterbuilt/20071514.html
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    In a nutshell, better heat and smoke distribution.
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    Help Needed with MES 30 Cook Time

    This. My last brisket I used this process and it turned out perfect. The one previous was wrapped into the cooler turned out dry.
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    MES30 Part Guide

    Appliance Factory Parts. Put in your model number and they give a pretty good parts breakdown.
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    Best 40" MES available now?

    Same here as Bear. Got mine at Bass Pro. Love this machine. Even the temperature probes are within 3 degrees of a Thermo Works mark 4.
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    Masterbuilt offset?

    And run without any gltches!
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    Well, I made it!

    7 months to go. I'm tail gating my wife, as she is set for the end of February. I'm going to be attached to her leg like a dog. Otherwise I'm officially one year away.
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    Farmers Market

    We have a great farmers market here in Hamilton. Always enjoy wandering around and buying food for whatever we feel like having for the next few days.
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    MES 30 20076314 motherboard dead.

    Check this site. You will need to put in your model number. https://www.appliancefactoryparts.com/gasgrillparts/brands/masterbuilt/
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    Something to watch for

    On the mailing list for notifications. Hopefully they work the release fully debugged. Ultimately, even though I just started down the rabbit hole of smoking....WANT!
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    Apparently, I need a new circuit breaker....

    You are right about those breakers. If you have a GFCI outlet, they suffer the same fate over time. Whether you are pressing the test button or they trip due to moisture, they wear out as well.
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    Smoker shopping - help and ideas welcome

    Straight from the description : UNICOOK Heavy Duty Waterproof Electric Smoker Cover. I bought the same one and it definitely is water proof.
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    Smoker shopping - help and ideas welcome

    I highly recommend this.
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    Deck Re-do @ The Bear Den

    Ah yes, the days of the mosquito fogging. We'd run around in that cloud of DDT fog figuring that the mosquito's wouldn't be interested in us.:eek:
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    Successful MES brain transplant! Plug and Play replacement controller = Full PID + Cellular contro

    @tiros I am not a programmer by any means, but did you look at this: https://github.com/vitotai/BrewPiLess There are a couple of people at Homebrewtalk who have done a lot of work that may help expand on what you are doing here, especially not needing a RPI.
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