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    The Best an Worst of my life - Whole Lamb Lebanese Style

    Well, this has to be the one of the best moments and one of the worst all at once… Actually, not sure where to start.  12 years ago I purchased an offset Brinkman smoker, only because I didn’t like the taste of propane in my meat. Growing up in Kansas City, transporting to San Diego one can be...
  2. K

    Smoking a whole wild hog, boar

    Hi Everyone,  About 1 month ago I shot an 85 pound boar, 55lb dressed out. For the upcoming super bowl, we are going to smoke it up! I have spent a good amount of time on this website and others to gather ideas and would like to open this thread up to get some opinions, so please contribute...
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    Breakfast Fattie - Camp fire style! Lots of Q-View

    A few weeks ago my wife and I along side 4 other couples go on a camping trip to the Idlewild California area. Having once been to this camp ground before, I well knew the limitations of BBQ and time!  The wife and I received our camp assignment, which was to provide breakfast for 2 mornings for...
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    Smoked Bone in Butt, porks spare's and some homemade BBQ beans

    Have a 20 person catering gig tomorrow and doing some pre-cooking.  This group likes their pork! THey want Pulled Pork, Pork spare ribs and smoked BBQ beans with chopped rib tips...  Q-view in the first few hours...
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    Let's Smoke some Hanging Tenders???!! C(cut) VU

    Broke down and bought some dried out pecan wood from BBQ galore to smoke some Hanging Tenders.  Cant say I have smoked them before but came across a great price and a perfect amount of money in my wallet to pay for it. About 5.5lbs, rich color and marble. Just peeled the membrane and careful not...
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    New to this forum - not new to smokin. I NEED SOME HELP

    Hey everyone, I am a Kansas City grown boy transplanted to San Diego.  First off, I LOVE this web site and plan to be a frequent poster and recipe sharer! My issue: I am surrounded with apple (ok) and acidic MQ wood. Is there anyone in Cali or otherwise that can give me some help finding the...
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