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  1. uncle_lar

    Another Bacon thread :

    Gave it a good 12 hours in the smoker. It smells wonderful, now to be patient and let it rest in the cooler a few days before slicing it.
  2. bacon.jpg


  3. Another Bacon thread :

    Another Bacon thread :

  4. uncle_lar

    Another Bacon thread :

    just loaded the smoker  right at about 40 #  cured for 10 days in my vacuum sealed brown sugar dry cure recipe let sit open for 24 hours after a good rinse. some pepper coated some plain.  cherry /apple smoke for probably 12 hours or more @ no more than 90* I pull it when I like the color...
  5. bacon2.jpg


  6. uncle_lar

    anyone combining sous vide into their smoking?

    I did some leg thigh chicken quarters last weekend. sous vide for 2 hour at 150* then finished on the grill. some of the best BBQ  chix  I ever cooked
  7. uncle_lar

    anyone combining sous vide into their smoking?

    I had  2 boneless turkey breast in the freezer, that I had  previously cured for turkey pastrami. It was seasoned with coriander and black pepper before freezing. I sous vide cooked it for 4 hrs  @ 147*yesterday let it cool overnight and sliced this morning. melt in your mouth do die for...
  8. uncle_lar

    anyone combining sous vide into their smoking?

    I just got an Anova Sous Vide immersion cooker for my Birthday after a professional Chef friend recommended it. I want to tell you! if you want tender! juicy , succulent  entrees this is it! would like to hear comments form anyone else that has experience with them. I'm just getting started...
  9. uncle_lar

    Hello everyone

    welcome aboard! You are going to love what you can find on here! great bunch of people with a wealth of information
  10. uncle_lar

    First tri tip

    Looks Marvelous,  I bet the cherry wood gave it a great flavor. That is definitely on my to do list. Its hard to find Tri tip in my area,
  11. uncle_lar

    first bacon in my fridge build

    Fried some up for supper last night, and the taste was fantastic!
  12. bacon sliced.JPG

    bacon sliced.JPG

  13. first bacon in my fridge build

    first bacon in my fridge build

  14. uncle_lar

    first bacon in my fridge build

    I haven't posted in a while, I have been smoking just no time to post! I figured this one was worthy of taking the time to post. I dry cured this for 10 days, belly bacon and a couple pieces of buck board. gave it 8 hrs. of apple wood smoke, with a touch of pecan. going to slice it up later...
  15. bacon.jpg


  16. uncle_lar

    Tri Tip and chicken

    not a real popular cut around here but  I have seen them once in a while definitely going to have to try this one, looks delicious :)
  17. uncle_lar

    Belly Bacon start 1/28/16

    If you don't mind a little drive they almost always have bellies at the Costco in East Peoria. I just bought one last week for 2.29 a pound
  18. uncle_lar

    My new toy! Peoria Custom Cookers 24x48 Backyard

    looks like a great smoker and since I am only 40 miles from Peoria it would be convenient also
  19. uncle_lar

    1st time Quarters Help

    brine overnight, will make for super juicy chicken
  20. uncle_lar

    Is this alright to do?

    I never fully cook my kielbasa while smoking. never let the smoker  get above 150* this is what it looks like after 6 hrs in the smoker  this is what it looks like cooked this is before smoke
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