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  1. smokinbarrles

    Stuffed Flounder

    Well falls is in the air and the local fishing is picking up as the flounder head out to the gulf, and the trout move into the lake. Went out this weekend to just kill an hour or so and it ended up being a pretty action packed trip. Ended up catching a few flounder, speckled trout and redfish...
  2. smokinbarrles

    Dove Nuggets of Love

    Got a few dove last weekend and rolled up some dove nuggets for the Texans game today. Simple bacon, cream cheese, fresh jalapeno, salt and pepper. And of course dove!
  3. smokinbarrles

    First smoked chuck roast

    First time smoking a chucky on my MES40 (or ever). This is an Angus chuck roast that was over priced, but this store is closer to my house so I said "what the heck". Was gonna go just salt and pepper but last minute added some garlic and onion powder. Starting weight about 2.6 lbs. Hoping for...
  4. smokinbarrles

    Closing Casings

    How does everyone close up the ends of there sausage? I've been tying with twine, but its so tedious tying two knots in between a twist. i know you can use hog rings but seems it would be hard to get them tight enough without the ends slipping out. Maybe im stuffing to tight and not allowing...
  5. smokinbarrles

    wood chunks on element

    I use to use one of the outdoor gourmet barrel type electric smokers. This had lava rocks in the bottom and id put wood chunks in there that would smoke/ burn by touching the coil. Could something similar be done in an MES? P.s i have a pellet tube for mine. but using the chunks on the coil in...
  6. smokinbarrles

    Ever use these?

    They have these at HEB. Anyone ever used them? Iv only made smoked sausage once and bought some from the local butcher, problem is he only sells them in large packs for close to 100#. And they are pricey! Also any idea how much you can make with one 8oz pack? Thanks!
  7. smokinbarrles

    Better late than never

    Didnt know where to post because this contains a little bit of everything. Got my MES 40 back in December and managed to log a few decent smokes so far. i know how much this community likes their pics, so better late than never. This is not everything, missing a butt and a brisket flat along...
  8. smokinbarrles

    Smoker Stand

    hi all, Starting this thread to get inspired to build one myself. Just thought id ask and hopefully get some good ideas i didnt think of. Im pretty handy when it comes to building and fabricating. Post what ya got!!
  9. smokinbarrles

    Rub and Wrap

    Hi Yall. So iv noticed a lot of people add rub to the meats the day before and put it in the fridge overnight. Growing up i was always told not to salt (which is in rubs or SPOG) a steak or burger to early because it draws out moisture (which it does). So my question is does the rub soak...
  10. smokinbarrles

    Electric Smoke Rings

    Good Morning everyone! So i recently got an electric smoker (MES40). And iv read people have trouble with smoke rings. I know they arnt necessary for flavor but they sure make it look great! iv read you can make a "false" one with nitrate i believe and people say add a lump of charcoal and that...
  11. smokinbarrles

    New to here, new to smoking

    Howdy, im from the Texas coast area so needless to say love smoked meats and bbq. love to cook all kind of ways and recently got an electric smoker for myself, used my dads standard offset in the past. looking to learn and discuss how to smoke and tips and tricks that come along with it. Read...
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