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    Brinkman Smoker cant get the temp up

    The charcoal pan could use more ventilation.   Other factors:  What about outdoor temp and wind?
  2. wiredbob

    First Sauerkraut

    My Grandmother on my dads side used the crock to make and store hers.  She had long quit making when I came along.  My Grandfather on my mothers side put in a large crop of cabbage every year.  His method used quart jars and kosher salt.  I thought he used a liquid mixture that included vinegar...
  3. wiredbob

    Jerky making was easier than expected-- (witih Q-veiw)

    I'm the newly appointed (self appointed) quality control agent for all forms of jerky.  Please send samples (samples may be large) ASAP for quality assurance.
  4. wiredbob

    Gym locker smoker

    Yeap.  Smelly socks and jocks wouldn't be a desirable flavor to add to meat. 
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    another looking for a slicer

    This isn't in Raleigh but might find interesting.  In Nashville. http://nashville.craigslist.org/bfs/2237179239.html
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    appetizer ideas plz for 50 high scool seniors

    Got it. No visual needed.
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    Smoke chamber temp thermometers

    I checked mine with boiling water and compared to a digital.  I believe it was within 1 1/2 degrees from digital.  I used their long stemmed version for years in photo dark room.  Were always accurate and were adjustable to calibrate.  The model I got for the smoker isn't adjustable.  Have been...
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    Smoke chamber temp thermometers

    I use a Tel-Tru  [    http://www.teltru.com/s-43-barbecue.aspx  ] with a 4 inch stem mounted in the door where original was.  The range stops at 50 so I remove for the winter.  Its back in place now.
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    appetizer ideas plz for 50 high scool seniors

    Please pardon my ignorance.   What are pig peckers as it relates to menu items?
  10. wiredbob

    Question about my Maverick

    Bad probe.
  11. wiredbob

    Question about my Maverick

    May not be probe.   Could be the first digit (1) is stuck on the display.  If the one digit were off wouldn't the readings make sense?
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    Huddler is a virus?

    Runs fine on Safari 5.0.4.   I have noticed a feature I would change if it was up to me.  From the home page, when I get to the bottom of recent post list and click more.  I go to the next older on the list.  When I navigate back from second and beyond pages I come back to the home page with the...
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    Zorro1 square.png

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    The Tile over the chip Box in the MES (HELP)

    I would check hobby shops that are into ceramics.
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