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  1. tom

    What am I doing wrong?

    Thanks everybody, The charcoal wasn't wet, and I cleaned out all of the ashes from the last smoke, so that wasn't the problem. I used a Weber chimney starter. I filled the chimney and dumped it in the smoker without lighting it, then lit another chimney and let it burn until the coals were...
  2. tom

    Anybody ever smoke wings?

    I smoked some a couple weeks ago. They turned out better than the briskett I was smoking...still figuring out how to use my WSM. I put them in teriyaki overnight, and they were excellent. I don't recall how long it took for them to smoke. Next time it's gonna be sweet and sour and maybe buffalo...
  3. tom

    What am I doing wrong?

    I'm currently about four hours into my fourth smoke with the WSM. Every time I smoke, the same thing happens. I start out with nearly two chimneys full of charcoal (Kingsford). If I leave the bottom vents closed, the heat never gets up above 200 (and that's at the lid). So, I open the vents all...
  4. tom

    Ranch 91

    Welcome to the site, I'm pretty new to smoking myself, and new to the site. I decided to get a Weber Smoky Mountain after looking here, and at the virtual weber bullet site. I've only done a couple smokes, with marginal success, but no regrets about my choice. There are a great number of types...
  5. tom

    How not to make nice smoky pork shoulders (pics)

    Wish I'd made the same decision you did. I had something similar happen, and went to bed without leaving it in the oven.....wound up throwing away a lot of uncooked meat. Glad it worked out for you. Tom
  6. tom

    Chuck Roast and Eye of the Round Today - Two for One Special

    That looks fantastic! Where do you go on the site to find all the recipes? Theresa posted gypc's sandwich recipe when I asked (thank you again) and I found the Mac & cheese on the "sides" link, but do you have to dig through all the beef posts to find Dutch's enchilada recipe... or any others...
  7. tom

    pulled pork chop sammie

    That looks really good. How long did it take to smoke that? Tom
  8. tom

    A Bit Of Everything Smoke

    That looks great Theresa. I wouldn't have guessed that meatloaf was something you made in a smoker...now there's something else I'll need to try. The Mac & Cheese looks great too. Tom
  9. tom

    Way Off topic

    He got my vote. Hope the guy who did it gets what he deserves. Good luck to your friend. Tom
  10. tom

    Burp! Just ate my first 321

    Sounds like a good smoke. The 321 sounds like a good method. Tom
  11. tom

    First smoke could have been better (long post)

    Did my first smoke on a WSM yesterday, and made several errors. I intended to use the timeline that Zardnok gave me as a baseline, modified for a much smaller butt. I wound up putting about 12 pounds of ribs (two racks of spares), and a 3.5 pound butt on at the same time, ribs on the top shelf...
  12. tom

    last smoke in march

    Sounds like quite a party you're throwing. Should be some very happy folks. Tom
  13. tom

    Ok...so I did it again!!!Pics..

    Thanks Theresa! gypc, looks like you really create a stir when you make these....I'm going to give them a try soon. Tom
  14. tom

    Awful WSM odor, new WSM

    After using the smoker all day, I now believe it might just have been the charcoal. I used charcoal many years ago in a Weber and on Hibachis, and don't recall that strong of an odor, but maybe the smoker makes it more concentrated(?) That might be out in left field, but there was definitely no...
  15. tom

    Ok...so I did it again!!!Pics..

    Yer killin', me. Is the recipe for those anywhere on the board? You gotta be willin' ta share!! Tom
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