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  1. tim8557

    boot leather and a christmas prime rib..

    Good advice on the temp probe. I just purchased one (kind of like the one Alton Brown uses). So far all I've done is a chicken and was pleased with the results. I want to try a pork butt next and make some Carolina pulled pork. I'll probably wait for Spring as it's a little colder hear...
  2. tim8557

    boot leather and a christmas prime rib..

    So....how did it turn out? Why did the brisket turn to shoe leather?
  3. tim8557

    Salmon in new Smoker

    Bear, Did my first smoker this week (not counting the 800 cigars over the years) w2hich was a chicken. Now I want to try Salmon. When you smoke a salmon filet do you flip it midway?
  4. tim8557

    Small pork tenderloin

    Thanks, I just bought 6 bags of Weber's Hickory Chunks (5 lb bag) for $ 2.96 at Home Depot. Bought 3 bags of Mesquite for the same price. Of course, where I live its snowy and 20 degrees today so its probably a winter clearance. Cabela's is out of stock on most of their chunks but I will...
  5. tim8557

    Small pork tenderloin

    Thanks Courtland, I'll try them.
  6. tim8557

    Small pork tenderloin

    My first venture with smoking was yesterday with a fryer. We have eaten Pork Tenderloins (the little ones as you do) but always seasoned and grilled. Next one is gonna be smoked. The problem I have right now is finding the different wood chunks. Home Depot has Mesquite and Hickory at half...
  7. tim8557

    First Success (?) Story

    Well, I tried out my new gizmo (see yesterday's post as New Guy from Ohio) and did a chicken. I kind of "winged" this one trying to figure out what I was doing. Soaked the Hickory chunks for an hour which I read somewhere in this forum. Took a fresh Amish fryer and put it in a plastic bag and...
  8. tim8557

    New Guy from Ohio

    You wouldn't believe what's happened here in the 4 1/2 years you've been gone. I'm at 75 and Union Centre which was a massive wild area with a new High School. Now....5 hotels, 20+ restaurants, 24 screen theater, 8 banks and my new warehouse. Thanks for your welcome and hopefully you are a...
  9. tim8557

    New Guy from Ohio

    La Gloria Serie R....now that's something that'll keep you occupied around the smoker for a good hour or so.
  10. tim8557

    New Guy from Ohio

    I just wanted to intro myself. After looking at them for years I just bought a Cabela's Electric Smoker (I think that you pro's would label it an ECB). I've always been involved with Kitchen gadgets as well as outdoor grills. So, I started there. I'm a pharmacist who left that world years...
  11. tim8557

    New Guy...New Smoker

    I just bought an electric smoker from Cabela's and now I need to figure out what to do. I'm a whiz on Knife and Cigar forums but brand new to this one. Is there a "Search" function so I don't need to bother everyone with the questions you've answered a million times? Also, as I start...
  12. tim8557

    5-Day Smoking Basics eCourse

    Sounds great to me...but being the impatient Type A person that I am, I just spent the bucks and got your PDF version. Printing now. Tim
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